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Pictures tell the story of the Women Making History NOW Conference

The 2016 NC NOW State Conference is where we elect our state officers, and also where NOW members and other feminists gather to get organized and motivated to do the work that we do, work that we love to do! Education on issues! Getting people to Vote for their interests! Organization and Activism!

2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the National Organization for women. This exciting year, we celebrate a woman candidate for President of the United States, Hillary Clinton. The NOW PAC is delighted and excited to endorse this extremely well qualified candidate. See NC NOW PAC’s endorsements here. We celebrate the first woman Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. We celebrate our progressive newswomen, like Rachel Maddow. And we celebrate our working champions, like NC State Auditor Beth Wood. Our theme, “Women Making History NOW” celebrates these women and others who made history, and we celebrate the 50th anniversary of NOW.

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Want to match your NC NOW friends at events and rallies? 

We have 2 different purple shirts – the “Forward NOW” t-shirts (and it looks like we really can go forward in NC finally with this election as long as we vote!) and the “Women Making History NOW” shirts. These t-shirts are really the same brand and color! They show up different in different pictures.



If you order with the ad from the conference program, they cost $15.
Otherwise, they cost $20. Mark your size S, M, L, XL, XXL.

To order one or more t-shirts, use the form here

Shining the light on anti-immigrant program targeting teenagers

I am inspired by some of President Obama’s speeches, but appalled at his Operation Border Guardian which directs Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to take children (18 years old) and throw them in jails, sometimes private jails (even worse). In implementation, ICE is grabbing these teenagers on their way to school, off school buses, and out of stairwells at school – cases of these known in Wake and Durham counties. Our state conference included a workshop on what it took a Durham school community to save (or at least give a chance to) teenager Wildin Acosta (also one on racism). Read about the community effort at “In Defense Of Wildin Acosta,“9/26/16,

Durham Community Rally to free Wildin Acosta. Photo Credit: ABC






We cover more about what is being done to these teens at “One saved, one lost of the NC 6 plus more,“9/26/16, The most heinous case I know came out of Durham County (probably because the Durham Community is fighting this). Here are some of the Durhamites fighting this!

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NC NOW Announces 2016 General Election Endorsements


Contact: Gailya Paliga, President of NC National Organization for Women and NC NOW PAC, 919-539-7702,,

NC National Organization for Women Announces General Election Endorsements

Raleigh, N.C. – On Oct 17, Gailya Paliga, President of NC National Organization for Women, announced the organization’s Political Action Committee (PAC) endorsements for statewide offices in the 2016 General Election. 

NC NOW PAC announced candidate endorsements for the N.C. Supreme Court, N.C. Court of Appeals, and both chambers of the N.C. General Assembly. NOW PAC has endorsed federal candidates for Presidential, US Senate and Congressional races.  
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NC NOW PAC Endorsements for 2016 are Available!

NC NOW PAC (Political Action Committee) endorses candidates for statewide positions every year. We interview new candidates following a questionnaire that we revisit every year. View the current list of endorsed candidates, as of September 30, 2016. NOW PAC endorses federal candidates.

NOW PAC candidates are listed on the webpage. For NC’s federal candidates, scroll down to North Carolina.  

If you live in NC, you can find all candidates for which you can vote on your sample ballot. You can look yourself (and your friends) up, make sure you’re still active, find your polling site, and find your sample ballot(s) at the NC State Board of Election voter lookup site.

Note:  Congressman David Price (District 4) and Congressional Candidate John McNeil (District 2) were endorsed in October and are not included on this page. Please print the postcard from the next post to take with you if you are in the Triangle area so you remember to vote for Price or McNeil!

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Thirteen NC Bills Passed, Later Overturned by the Courts

Many of these bills/laws hurt women

Here are thirteen major bills that were overturned via lawsuits that North Carolina lost in recent years. NC NOW VP of Legislation Robin Davis referred to this information in her part of the “How NC Laws Have Impacted Women” panel at the NC NOW Conference, “Women Making History NOW.” The information came from WRAL’s fact check of what Candidate for Attorney General Josh Stein said in a debate. The truth is that Stein was right! WRAL found 13 bad laws that have been struck down!


NC NOW PAC endorsed Candidate for Attorney General, Josh Stein

These bills that became laws attacked Planned Parenthood, interfered with women’s doctors’ visits, banned gay marriage, took away teachers tenure rights, and more.

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Stories of NOW from North Carolina on our 50th Anniversary

What does the National Organization for Women mean to you? And did you enjoy the conference?
Here are a few stories from attendees at NC NOW’s state conference on October 1, 2016 where we celebrated NOW’s 50th anniversary. Our theme was “Women Making History NOW” for obvious reasons, with an excellently qualified woman on her way to the White House, an African American woman as Attorney General, and more. 

NC NOW State Conference Logo for T-shirt. Click here to order an anniversary celebration t-shirt.

Here’s a story from a mom of high school teens who organized one of the workshops.
“NOW meant so much to me as a young woman. Even when I was in elementary school my friend and I were so impressed with “the Women’s Lib”.

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