Stories of NOW from North Carolina on our 50th Anniversary

What does the National Organization for Women mean to you? And did you enjoy the conference?
Here are a few stories from attendees at NC NOW’s state conference on October 1, 2016 where we celebrated NOW’s 50th anniversary. Our theme was “Women Making History NOW” for obvious reasons, with an excellently qualified woman on her way to the White House, an African American woman as Attorney General, and more. 
NC NOW State Conference Logo for T-shirt. Click here to order an anniversary celebration t-shirt.
Here’s a story from a mom of high school teens who organized one of the workshops.
“NOW meant so much to me as a young woman. Even when I was in elementary school my friend and I were so impressed with “the Women’s Lib”.

I know that the women activists of the 70s gave my friend Judy the courage to be the first female player on the town Little League Team.”
We had a high school student from Chapel Hill find NOW and attend the conference.
When she originally contacted me, she wrote,
“I found out about NOW through a documentary called “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry” and I knew right then that this was something my school needed. Ever since the summer, I’ve been brainstorming and planning for all the things I want to get done this year. I would love to bring this to my school and I’ll do whatever it takes to make it the best it can be.”
A past Fayetteville NOW president reconnected with NC NOW at the conference. She wrote,
“Loved it [the conference]!…..came away with lots of new resolve AND projects Job 1 – elect HRC and [NC NOW endorsed candidates], 2- ERA. 3- fully fund the AAUW Endowment for Ann Chipley before the July 2017 deadline and 4- build some support for Pauli Murray’s homeplace…not to mention re-joining NOW….thanks for a great day!”
One of the conference committee members from Triad NOW wrote,

“1. I thought the venue [NC Advocates for Justice] was awesome. What a great place. I really enjoyed the ambience that the atrium provided. It was easy to get to, even for me coming from Winston-Salem and certainly had ample parking. It was a great find.

2. Beth Wood was incredible. I so enjoyed her talk. In general I though the speaks/panel/presenters we had did a great job.”

One of the women who attended the workshop on what ICE is doing to immigrant children – taking them on their way to high school, getting them off school buses, and grabbing them in the halls of some schools, and then hearing about terrible treatment at private jails – had no idea any of that was happening. She hopes to check on the problem and publicize the problem in Cumberland County, where she lives.
Someone else said,
“What a passionate speaker Dr. Brannon was on legislative attacks on public education these past years, and the damage that vouchers are doing. If there isn’t some change in November, what more attacks on public education will become law!?!”
Others in the room learned about ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, as providing templates of legislation that hurts public education, provided the Stand Your Ground laws that got Trayvon Martin killed, but didn’t save Marissa Alexander who actually did fire a warning shot in self defense, and more. To learn or find out more about ALEC, watch Bill Moyers documentary, ‘The United States of ALEC‘.
What does NOW mean to you? What did you learn at the conference? Give us feedback many ways:
1) Print, fill in and mail the 2016_conference_exit_survey to Raleigh NOW at PO Box 25331, Raleigh NC  27611.
2) Email your feedback to president at
3) Add your comment to this post!

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