NC NOW PAC Endorsements for 2016 are Available!

NC NOW PAC (Political Action Committee) endorses candidates for statewide positions every year. We interview new candidates following a questionnaire that we revisit every year. View the current list of endorsed candidates, as of September 30, 2016. NOW PAC endorses federal candidates.

NOW PAC candidates are listed on the webpage. For NC’s federal candidates, scroll down to North Carolina.  

If you live in NC, you can find all candidates for which you can vote on your sample ballot. You can look yourself (and your friends) up, make sure you’re still active, find your polling site, and find your sample ballot(s) at the NC State Board of Election voter lookup site.

Note:  Congressman David Price (District 4) and Congressional Candidate John McNeil (District 2) were endorsed in October and are not included on this page. Please print the postcard from the next post to take with you if you are in the Triangle area so you remember to vote for Price or McNeil!


You can print the list at NC NOW PAC Endorsed 2016 Draft. The NC NOW PAC postcards that are mailed to members will be in a different format.


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