NC really matters this election! Could be Super Battleground Status!

The Charlotte Observer says “In this year’s tight election, [NC] has jumped to ‘super battleground’ status,” 11/5/16.

The article states, “With pollsters and pundits calling it the key battleground state of 2016, [NC has] been in the national spotlight for months. And Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have visited North Carolina so often – along with their running mates and surrogate campaigners – that you’d think they were running for governor, not for president.” True!


NC has 3 extremely critical races of huge significance to the nation—

  • for president (carrying 15 electoral votes)
  • for US Senate (especially after Senator Burr’s bullseye crack threatening Hillary Clinton. In same event, Burr promised to block any Supreme Court justices Clinton would nominate as president, and also claimed responsibility for the 10 year vacancy for the federal Eastern District Court seat that NC NOW, NC Justice Center and NC-NAACP have been complaining about since 2013). He has certainly been responsible since 2013.
  • for Governor— could be a referendum on HB 2, but for women, it really is so much more than that. Governor McCrory has signed laws repeatedly that restrict women’s reproductive choice, and has the state of NC tracking women’s personal medical records (ultrasounds!) and tracking doctors who perform abortions.

“There’s no other state that has three really critical races like that,” said veteran columnist Al Hunt of Bloomberg View.

NC NOW PAC has endorsed Clinton, Ross & Cooper.


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