LTE: What else women need from Governor Cooper, by Paula Wolf

Political Consultant and Lobbyist (and Past NC NOW Lobbyist) Paula Wolf writes a letter to the editor (LTE) back to Indy Week, a triangle periodical. The whole LTE is shown here. The Indy carried the first 3 paragraphs of Paula’s LTE with some other input. The link to the Indy article is at the end.

With all due respect to the reporter, the “5 Things We Want to See From New Governor Roy Cooper,” 1/4/17, Indy, has some glaring oversights.

Women’s reproductive freedom has been trampled upon by the GOP since they got the majority in 2010. Mandatory scripts for doctors; transvaginal ultrasound; medically unnecessary building requirements; taxpayer funding of medically inaccurate information by anti choice “clinics” and defunding Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy prevention programs, to name a few. Access to healthcare is blockaded by not expanding Medicaid.

Fayetteville NOW joins protests against HB465 in May 2015. Hb465 is the bill that added tracking of women’s personal medical records and tracking of doctors to NC law. Roberta Waddle is speaking. Photo Credit: Hannah Osbourne

Public schools in NC have been seriously underfunded while the GOP hands over more and more of our tax money to private and parochial schools that are not accountable for it. These schools are free to discriminate and teach their own flat–Earth version of science. They eliminated the nationally-recognized and wildly successful Teaching Fellows Program.

The GOP brags about how they cut taxes, but those cuts only benefit big business and the wealthy. In point of fact, the new tax on some services (e.g., auto repair) unevenly hurts the middle class and the poor.

The GOP continues to draw “surgical and precise” racist districts, falsely repeat the bogus claim of voter fraud and put up obstacles designed to disenfranchise minority voters, seniors and young people.

There are numerous examples of the GOP cutting services to North Carolinians. We all have to pay attention. We all have to consider running for public office and/or contributing to the campaigns of the fine people who do. Most importantly, we ALL have to vote.

Paula A. Wolf

Update: The Indy carried part of Paula’s LTE with input from John Quintero and others as well in an article covering Backtalk: Indy Letters to the Editor.

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