Buckle Up Buttercup – NC NOW Legislative Update #1

NC NOW Officer and Lobbyist Robin Davis summarizes the start of the 2017 legislative session for us. She really knows how to break it down!

Robin includes Governor Roy Cooper’s Legislative Agenda, the failed attempt to repeal HB 2 during an extra legislative special session, the 2017 election to address the gerrymandered districts, the role and importance of the courts in many of these areas. Robin also talks about what to expect in the long session and our role.


Our role is as follows.

“Since Republicans still hold veto-proof majorities in both houses, they have little incentive to try to work with the Governor or Democrats in a bipartisan manner.  If the Republican practice of writing bills in secret and ramming them through along partisan lines continues, Governor Cooper may be using his veto pen a lot.  Any vetoes can be over-ridden, which will mean that the courts will continue to be where the action is.”

“That being said, it is still vitally important that legislators receive input from you.  Be sure to thank those who do good work for us and be sure to push back when bad actions are being considered or have happened.  Your voice really does make a difference—and this will be especially true if the court requires new legislative districts to be drawn.  Buckle up Buttercup because it is going to be a bumpy ride.”

Read it yourself at NC NOW Legislative Update #1 – 14 Jan 17

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