National Followup to Women’s Marches – action and education!

Now that women (and men) have found their voices, we need to use them to influence the future of the United States at the hands of the new administration. We need to let everyone know that it wasn’t an isolated event! We need to keep pressure on Congress and the US Senate.

Women’s March On Raleigh, 1/21/17. Photo Credit: Ashley P.

House and Senate Republicans are going on a joint “retreat” this Wednesday (1/25/17) to Friday (1./27/17) “to sort our their priorities ” and they need to hear from you a.s.a.p.  Send them off to their party’s discussions reeling from the calls to their DC and state offices.  

Are you worried about health care and need to keep Obamacare in place? Read So What Would Happen If We Repealed Obamacare, The Hill, 1/4/17, to give you some ideas why it matters.

Are you concerned that President Trumps nominees are unfit to do their jobs? Dismantling public education? Contact your US Senators for that (Burr/Tillis for NC). Learn about and take an action on Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General with your Senators with NOW.

Are you worried Congress will take away access to safe and legal abortion? “Women in 33 States At-Risk of Losing Right to Abortion if Landmark Roe v. Wade Decision is Overturned,” Center for Reproductive Rights, report updated 1/23/17. Tell them how important access to abortion and birth control are to you.

Are you worried about hate crimes against minorities or LGBTQ or anyone increasing? You are not imagining it. See “‘Trump effect’ led to hate crime surge, report finds,” BBC News, 11/29/16.

In North Carolina, we can use “Who Represents Me in NC” and look at the “United States House Of Representatives” map. That shows the US Congress.

  • Ideally, we would call our elected officials every week to let them know we are in their states and towns (and sometimes in their face) and they need to support ALL girls and women and families (then name your issue).
  • We must call even our toughest opponents.  Right now there are a handful of Republicans who are counseling proceeding with caution and more who do NOT want to cut our important human needs programs.  So don’t give up on them and let the press know if they refuse to see or talk to you.
  • We must continually touch base with our friends in Congress.  Thank them and then ask them to do more, louder, fiercer.  

And in case you have a minute to read stuff beyond tweets and face book, here’s some suggestions:

Get out a tissue before reading:

We believed Anita

Reflections by Loretta Ross


Lots of links and references

We’re not stopping until we get equal rights and reproductive and economic justice.  

Based on email from Pat. R in DC.

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