Bunton: Galvanized to action, I went to DC to march!

The election of Trump galvanized many people in this country to take action. As a woman, mother and grandmother, I was more than appalled that my fellow citizens could elect someone so uniquely unqualified to lead one of the largest democracies in the world. I knew that I couldn’t sit back quietly. That even though I had retired from the workforce, I could not retire from speaking truth and lifting my voice for those who couldn’t. When I learned of the plans for the Women’s March on DC; I jumped on the bandwagon along with over 500,000 and possibly a million like minded people!
View in Subway – All Going To The Women’s March, One Subway of Many! Photo Credit: Lori Bunton

It was a privilege for me to be in DC,  not only with one of my oldest friends,  but with my daughter, son-in-law and my grandchildren. I marched so that my granddaughter will not have her rights trampled on and will not have to keep protesting and fighting for dignity and equality.  
Lori Bunton and her grandchildren at the Women’s March on Washington. 3 generations of family went to the march with Lori. Photo Credit: Lori Bunton
I have never seen so much electricity in so large a crowd of women and men as I saw in DC.  The crowds were boisterous but not rowdy. There was singing, chanting and signs upon signs expressing our outrage, our concerns and, quite often, our ability to find the black humor in this national debacle.  
Over a million people went - we couldn't even move! Photo Credit: Lori Bunton
Over a million people went – we couldn’t even move! Photo Credit: Lori Bunton
We stood near one of the large screens erected around the national mall to hear words from America Ferrera, the organizers of the March, and Gloria Steinem. We got to hear Alicia Keys sing. Here is C-Span’s coverage of all of the speakers and performers.
We witnessed young, old, handicapped, black, white, brown all coming together for one reason – to make our voices heard to the new administration that we will not sit quietly while a bunch of white men try to take our rights away from us. And while no one could have anticipated the sheer volume of people spilling across the national mall and the streets of DC; it was that deluge of men & women & children that gave us all the energy to fight the cold & damp, to raise our voices and yell to all of those in power in DC-“We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!”  
I have never been prouder of being an American, a woman and an activist than I was January 21st in Washington DC.  And the march was not the end, it is just the beginning as we organize, huddle and move forward!
By Lori Bunton, NC NOW Administrative Officer
Note: According to Yahoo.news article, “More than 1 in 100 Americans marched against Donald Trump Saturday, say political scientists,” 1/22/17 “academics from the University of Connecticut and University of Denver”estimated that 3,341,823 to 4,611,782 people turned out to march across the nation.

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