So many friends old and new at HKonJ, a homegrown phenomenon!

We had an unbelievable turnout at the Moral March and HKonJ Assembly on 2/11/17, in Raleigh. According to signs and songs, people are upset with NC’s leadership, and also with chaos from the whitehouse, and unfit nominees being confirmed to 45’s administration despite valid arguments against them and many protests. One example is Betsy DeVos, and Senators Burr and Tillis ignoring their constituents. Read more in “Burr and Tillis: F for Fail!”

Marchers gathered at Memorial Auditorium, at 2 E. South Street, for speeches and singing, and marched together to the end of Fayetteville St, with the State Capitol in the background.

Hats and signs! Photo Credit: Elise Paliga

So many fabulous groups were represented. So many women and men in pink pussy hats and pink Planned Parenthood beanies. Turquoise boas from the Women’s March On Raleigh. Rainbow flags. And homemade signs galore!

Women’s March On Raleigh group at gathering point. Photo Credit: Amy Hellmers

This yellow “NOT a paid protester’ sign (below) is even more appropriate in light of  Trump Administration and Republican party claims that we’re paid, don’t we wish 😉 . Also of note, “[R]ecent presidents never faced the kind of multi-front opposition that Trump is now experiencing so early in their terms,”according to “House GOP advises members on handling anti-Trump protests,” 2/7/17, Charlotte Observer.  In North Carolina, we have the NC Legislature to protest as well.


I marched with moms and teens I know from NC NOW and my community. We started and ended with the Women’s March On Raleigh organizers with some of their younger children, as well as other religious (Unitarian Universalists in yellow, Carolina Jews For Justice), non-profit (NC Women United, Planned Parenthood, Naral, etc) and other groups (Raging Grannies!, Women’s March On Raleigh, White Coats (doctors), Vegans, etc). 

At the gathering before the Moral March. Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga
Local high school teenagers with homemade signs – worried about national and statewide problems. Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga
Whitecoats in a posed picture. Photo Credit: Dr. Susan Eder
Whitecoats in a posed picture. Photo Credit: Dr. Susan Eder

The News and Observer has a 2 minute recap of the event, from the gathering to the rally. This clip shows the diversity of participants and speakers. The many issues tackled in signs, clothing and hats. The many excellent signs! Watch it at “Diverse crowd marches in Raleigh to champion civil rights, healthcare and immigration at HKonJ People’s Assembly.”

Here is a link to 2.5 hours of “11th Annual Moral March on Raleigh and HKonJ People’s Assembly” speeches at

Look at all of these people and signs!

View of crowd on Fayetteville St in back of us. Photo Credit: Vicky DeGroote
Callousness of North Carolina’s General Assembly leadership and majority party for refusing to expand Medicaid and otherwise limited ACA.
View of HKonJ gathering on Fayetteville Street from above. Isn’t this amazing!?!? Photo credit: Unknown

As many people as I saw here, many HKonJ regulars I know were unable to make it. I look forward to their presence next year, as long as the many new people who attended this year.

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