Wear your memory – Women’s March (WMOR) t-shirts available

Did you join us at the Women’s March On Raleigh? Did you know we made 2 styles of t-shirts for the march? Bet you couldn’t see mine under my turquoise boa! Very few were available before the march (you had to individually order your own). Now, Raleigh NOW has a batch in both styles of Women’s March On Raleigh (WMOR) t-shirts available. The WMOR t-shirts cost $20.

  • The sand color shirt is unisex, boxy cut, sizes from Small to 2XL.
  • The white color shirt is “lady’s cut,” sizes from Small to XL. Lady’s cut runs much smaller, as you may know.


You can come by the NOW office to get one, or to a Raleigh NOW meeting (first Tuesdays of every month), or to one of our events. Or fill in this t-shirt order form and mail with a check as per the directions on the form.

We also have deep purple “Forward NOW, Not Back” t-shirts, which cost $15, size M to 2XL. And very few 50th anniversary of NOW t-shirts, also $15.


Note: The WMOR t-shirts cost more to make.

Contact president at raleighnow.org. Order form coming soon.

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