NC Legislative Update #6 – 3/12/17

NC NOW legislative update #6 includes damage from the Trump administration’s new interpretation of Title IX, lawsuit updates, and bill tracking.

This Week

In light of the Trump administration’s new interpretation that Title IX does not allow transgender people to use the restroom consistent with their gender identity, the U. S. Supreme Court refused to hear the Virginia case concerning this issue.  The case was sent back to the lower court for reconsideration in light of the Trump administration’s new rule.  This non-decision will have the effect of making transgender bathroom rights a state-by-state issue.  The issues can still be challenged in federal court on constitutional grounds, but losing Title IX is a serious blow to framing a successful lawsuit.  The constitutionality of the new interpretation of Title IX could be challenged, but no suit on these grounds has been filed.  This refusal of the Supreme Court to rule in this case will impact both the North Carolina lawsuits and the effort to repeal HB2.  For more details, see:

The bill to roll back non-partisan judicial elections to District and Superior Courts (HB100/SB136) has been ratified and sent to the Governor.

Senate leader Phil Berger has gone into the business of generating fake news.  On his Facebook page, he alters the headlines of articles from the News and Observer to suit his ideological bias, a violation of the site’s policy.  See:

Governor Roy Cooper has been invited to deliver his State of the State message to a joint session of the House and Senate at 7:00 pm on 13 March 2017.

Lawsuit Updates

Since our Republican-dominated General Assembly has been passing law after law that is being or has been challenged in court, in addition to keeping up with new legislation introduced this session, I believe it is equally important to track the status of the various challenges to laws that have already been passed.

See some lawsuit summaries and the bills that NC NOW is tracking in NC NOW Legislative Update #6, dated 3/12/17. Topics of bills include

  • 3 bills interfering with access to abortion, including forcing doctors to give false and misleading information, and a fetal personhood bill!
  • multiple bills on HB2
  • 2 ERA bills
  • bill to raise the minimum wage to $15 in 5 years

See NC NOW legislative update #6.

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