What’s up with ERA, HB2? Find out in 9th Legislative Update.


Nevada has ratified the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)! The re-introduction of the ERA for ratification in various state legislatures (including North Carolina) is part of the “three-state strategy” for ratification (although now [after Nevada] it has become a two-state strategy). 

This has brought new interest to ratifying ERA across the nation. North Carolina already had introduced bills to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment both Houses of the North Carolina legislature, and NC NOW is working to spur action on these bills.

The ERA NC Alliance, which includes NC NOW, held a Women’s Mobilization Monday on Monday, March 27, to advocate for ratification of the ERA. Events included a press conference at 3:00 pm in the General Assembly Press Room and supporters assembling in the House gallery at 6:30 pm where they were recognized. There must have been 70 women present at 7pm. There was lots of press at the Press Conference at 3pm.

 NC NOW subset of Women Mobilization Monday
Photo Credit: Roberta Waddle

You can take action by contacting members of the House and Senate Rules Committee to tell them to take up House Bill 102 or Senate Bill 85. Follow this link to find out what to do and who to contact:

HB 2

The law known as HB2 has been repealed—but it is not a clean repeal.  Culminating weeks of behind-the-scenes negotiations, the repeal of HB2 was just as sudden as its passage.   An unrelated bill (HB142), which had already passed the House, was stripped of its original contents in the Senate, passed by the Senate, sent to the House for concurrence, and signed by the Governor in a matter of hours.

What’s the good news? What’s the bad news? Who’s angry? Who’s relieved? Find out in NC NOW’s 9th Legislative Update.

Find updates on lawsuits against NC laws and bill tracking in NC NOW’s 9th Legislative Update as well.


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