Take Action: Move NC Adopt ERA Bills Along!

North Carolina has an important role to play in adding the ERA to our US Constitution and our responsibility is to demand its passage!

Senate Bill 85 and House Bill 102, “NC Adopt Equal Rights Amendment,” are stuck in their Rules Committees. They must be heard AND passed along for a full vote in the House and Senate. Call today!

House Rules Committee Chair, David Lewis – 919-715-3015 – insist that he give HB102: NC Adopt Equal Rights Amendment a hearing and vote to approve the bill. (Click on the link to see the title, history, text, sponsors and co-sponsors of the bill.)

Senate Rules Committee Chair, Bill Rabon – 919-733-5963 – insist that he give SB85: NC Adopt Equal Rights Amendment a hearing and vote to approve the bill.

ERA Bill Sponsors pictured with women’s group leads – Pat Sledge (BPW-NC), Gailya Paliga (NC NOW), Audrey Muck (ERA-NC Alliance/NOW), Sen. Floyd McKissick (SB85 Sponsor), Virginia Adamson (BPW-NC), Rep. Carla Cunningham (HB102 Sponsor), Joyce Mitchell (DWNC). Photo Credit: Sen. McKissick

From “Activists call on N.C. to follow Nevada in ratifying ERA,” 3/28/17, Outer Banks Sentinel,

“Advocates believe the emerging national push for the ERA signals a new energy in the women’s rights movement. Marena Groll, ERA-NC Alliance co-president, said, “We are witnessing an historic shift, a new wave for women’s rights in America.” “

“Dare League of Women Voters ERA Committee Chair Judy Lotas cheered the “bipartisan” Nevada win. Calling it “a nice shot in the arm for ERA,” Lotas told the Sentinel, “Oh, how I want N.C. to be one of the two remaining states needed to ratify!” “

We are fired up and ready to go! Make your calls now. 


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