Events week of 4/16/17, great tax march signs!

Did you go to any of the many tax marches that were around the country on 4/15/17? Buzzfeed captured some great signs.  There was wonderful coverage of the Tax March On Raleigh with HUNDREDS of people on many TV stations, including WRAL. See WRAL’s at “Raleigh ‘Tax March’ protesters demand release of Trump’s tax returns.” The News and Observer really low-balled the count in “Protesters say Trump keeping tax returns secret is worrying“, not clear why. 

1. Wilmington still has their tax march to go – Show Us Your Taxes, Trump”  – April 17, 12pm-1pm”

2. Panel on immigration – arm yourself with the truth against terrible bills proposed.

“[I]t’s critical that caring and thinking people empower themselves with the truth so that they can push back. Tuesday, April 18, NC Policy Watch will host a special Crucial Conversation breakfast, “Immigration policy in the era of Trump: Where do things stand in North Carolina? What is the reality ‘on the ground’? How can caring and thinking people speak out and push back?” at which a panel of experts will provide some of that kind of information.”

Whole article about situation and breakfast event at “Crucial Conversation breakfast – Immigration policy in the era of Trump: Where do things stand in North Carolina?”

3. “Come support all NC Teacher’s teaching positions! Rally to support the passage of HB-13. 5,500 NC teachers are at risk of losing their jobs next school year, 2017-2018, if HB-13 is not passed. Bring a sign to support all teachers and to ask the NC Senate to pass HB-13.”

Wednesday, April 19, 4pm-5pm (timed so teachers may be able to attend) at Halifax Mall, which is behind the Legislative Building, 16 W. Jones St., and next to the Legislative Office Building on Lane. Halifax Mall is where many of the Raleigh Moral Monday events were held. I would wear red for ed to support teachers.

If you’re on facebook – find more info at

4. Next big topic is Science. The March For Science in Raleigh is Apr 22, in downtown Raleigh (starting at Shaw University). Things will be happening from 9am to 2pm.

A NCSU grad student explains: ‘Why I’m marching for science’ at


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