NC NOW Legislative Update #11 – more derision and secret budget deals

The week ending 15 April 2017 has been another busy week at the NCGA, as captured in North_Carolina_NOW_Legislative_Update_11.v3.16Apr17.

A bill introduced in the legislature again made North Carolina the object of national derision.  House Bill 780, Uphold Historical Marriage, declared that the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage is null and void in North Carolina and that the constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage should be enforced.  After a national outcry, Speaker Moore publicly announced that this bill will never be heard in committee, that it is dead.  But damage had already been done. See, 4/11/17.

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Then neo-Confederate Rep. Larry Pittman (also a sponsor or HB780) attracted national attention by stating that Abraham Lincoln was the same kind of tyrant as Hitler. 

He made the comment on his Facebook page, claiming that Lincoln had waged an unnecessary and unconstitutional war that caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.  Pittman is from Concord and is an ordained Presbyterian minister.  He has also introduced a bill that would amend that North Carolina state constitution to allow North Carolina to secede from the Union.  See, 4/12/17.

Meanwhile, budget negotiations continue behind closed doors, and no one except the participants has any reliable information about what is happening.  Chris Fitzsimon describes the secret budget process and other abuses of power by this legislature where Republicans hold veto-proof majorities in both houses.  Their numbers mean that members belonging to the minority party and the governor can be completely ignored—and they are.  See

See lawsuit updates, ERA updates, and bill tracking in North_Carolina_NOW_Legislative_Update_11.v3.16Apr17.

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