First Community Voices Event With WMOR Organizers, March 29, 2017

It’s been almost two months since the Women’s March drew a half million protesters to Washington, an estimated 30,000 people to a sister rally in downtown Raleigh, and people to 12 more marches around NC that same day. The question on everyone’s mind – including the News & Observer is – “What next?”

Photo Credit: Carly Jones

At the James B Hunt Library at NC State University, four of the organizers of the Women’s March on Raleigh were asked to sit on a panel to answer questions from the N & O, as well as ABC11 and an audience of about 100+ people. Panelists were

  • Carly Jones, Women’s March On Raleigh program committee co-chair, and one of two emcees. Jones has been an organizer of the African American Cultural Festival since 2014. Jones is also a professional stage actress, singer and Arts Together administrator.
  • Shana Becker, Women’s March On Raleigh Art Committee Co-chair. Becker is a Harvard graduate, a lawyer, and a mother.
  • La-Mine Perkins, Women’s March On Raleigh ?Logistics Committee? chair. Perkins is a student, mother and family support advocate.
  • Ashley Popio, emcee of the Women’s March of Raleigh and a founder of the Women’s Theatre Festival. Popio is also a writing teacher at Shaw University. 

Popio talked about how this group continues meeting and “making a big difference with our work.” Jones, Becker and Perkins continue on the Steering Committee of the Women’s March On Raleigh group. 

Some of the actions the WMOR have done over the last 2 months have been to organize phone campaigns to elected officials at the state and national level regarding the ACA and a number of other actions of the Trump administration.

Becker invited Lori Bunton, board member with the ERA NC Alliance and with NC NOW, to stand up and talk to the participants about how to help push one of NC’s ERA bills through the state House of Representatives. Speakers shared the phone number for Tim Moore, the House speaker, and urged the audience to let him hear their support.

There were several questions and comments from the forum participants including about the need for intersectional feminism, immigrant rights, the need for CEDAW, reproductive rights, Black Lives Matter, environmental issues and the fight for wage and labor equality both in NC and nationally. Those interested in more information on both actions the WMOR are taking and feminist activity involvement should check at

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