Pro-rape New Hampshire Representative was exposed

A New Hampshire Representative was exposed as the founder of a men’s rights misogyny and pro-rape group. “Bonnie Bacarisse of The Daily Beast made a recent discovery that Republican Rep. Robert Fisher (R-NH) is in fact the founder of the “Red Pill,” a men’s rights misogyny group based on the online forums Reddit and 4chan.”

Fisher, 31 years old, is the son of a preacher. Daily Beast found him out, tracking many user names back to him. Bacarisse published the article on 4/25/17. 

“[Fisher] blasted women for theirsub-par intelligence.” He said that women’s personalities are “lackluster and boring, serving little purpose in day to day life.” And Fisheonce commented, “It is literally the [female] body that makes enduring these things worth it.” “

                Women protesting outside of hearing, Photo Credit: Inside Sources

Fisher has also said shocking things about women and rape. According to PoliticalD!G, “GOP Lawmaker Just Got Outed As The Founder Of Popular Pro-Rape Group ,”

Fisher wrote, under the username FredFredrickson, “I’m going to say it—Rape isn’t an absolute bad, because the rapist I think probably likes it a lot. I think he’d say it’s quite good, really.”

New Hampshire’s Legislative Administrative Committee held a public hearing on Tuesday, May 9, at which time the public could comment and Fisher could respond to allegations in an open forum. Not surprisingly, Fisher was “lambasted by women”,, 5/9/17.  The Concord Monitor article also says:

  • [A] handful of committee members audibly gasped when advocate Amanda Grady Sexton read an online comment Fisher allegedly made saying the only things one needs for rape are “roofies” & “duct tape.”

“These statements are not ‘injudicious’; they are a blatant promotion of sexual assault,” said Grady Sexton, director of public affairs for the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.

Outcome of hearing is bad, outcome of situation is decent

As a result of the hearing “his Republican colleagues recommended that no action be taken against him!!

“The committee’s vote elicited shouts of “Shame!” from women in the audience.” Some women were dressed in the red robes/white hats of Handmaid’s Tale.

In the end, Fisher resigned.

This story was covered in multiple places, including in, “On 5/17/17, the “Lawmaker Who Founded Misogynistic Reddit Page Resigns,” and CBS News, House Votes to Review Controversial Online Comments From Fisher, Frost, The CBS article says, “While most people agree that Fisher’s comments are inappropriate, they don’t technically go against House standards since they are just words and not actions.”

There is speculation that Fisher resigned to avoid an investigation. “Democratic House Minority Leader Steve Shurtleff said he would ask the attorney general’s office Wednesday to investigate whether Fisher committed perjury. He said he no longer planned to do so given Fisher’s resignation.” according to the “Lawmaker Who Founded Misogynistic Reddit Page Resigns,” 5/17/17,

Another thing to note is the New Hampshire House “Republicans successfully added Rep. Sherry Frost, D-Dover, in the inquiry for tweets she wrote .. that some found “offensive.”” 

“Frost posted tweets earlier this year that said more terrorism is perpetrated by “white men who claim Christianity than by Muslims in the USA.” She also tweeted, “The people (read; men) telling me to ‘calm down’ & ‘not take it so hard’ are making me homicidal.” “

How dare they compare this misogynistic Representative giving rape tips on a misogynistic site he created with the female Representative’s tweets, of which the first is a fact.

Note: The original shocking story (first paragraphs) was sent in a statewide NC NOW mailchimp email in late April 2017. Updates were made on 5/19/17 . Story is also included in the NC NOW May/June Newsletter.

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