NC NOW Legislative Update #18 – Let the Budget Negotiations Begin!

The NC House finished its budget so now is time for budget negotiations between House and Senate. Update on SCOTUS ruling on NC’s gerrymandering case and another case. See NC NOW Legislative Update #18, 6/4/17 for a more on budget negotiations and the Supreme Court ruling with regard to two cases in NC.

Here are some excerpts from the summary.

“The House passed its budget just after midnight on Thursday. The House and Senate have already agreed on setting the budget for 2017 fiscal year at $22.9 billion, which will simplify the final negotiations.” See how that works in the summary.

“Areas of difference between the Senate and House budgets include tax plans, pay for teachers and state employees, and compensation for retirees. The House budget does not reflect the Senate’s changes to the SNAP (AKA food stamp) program that could result in 163,000 recipients losing nutritional funding and does not reflect the Senate’s last-minute retaliatory cuts to education programs targeted at districts represented by Black female senators. The House budget includes $1.3 million for anti-abortion pregnancy centers (an increase of one million dollars) but the Senate version allows only $400,000.”

Crisis Pregnancy Center Protest Photo Credit: Whole Woman’s Health Blog

“Last week in a 5-3 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that North Carolina Republicans violated the Constitution by drawing two racially gerrymandered congressional districts.”

More on likely consequence for other suits challenging NC’s state legislative districts, which were drawn the same way.

There is more in the full summary and report at NC NOW Legislative Update #18, 6/4/17.

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