“I Love The ERA” Cookie Drop Summary and Pix

Great turnout at the “I Love The ERA” Cookie Drop  on Jun 7, 2017, at the NC Legislative Building. There were over 35 people there – mostly women of all ages, but also some young men. One of the ERA-NC Alliance board members celebrated her birthday at the cookie drop with her daughter, female and male grandchildren, and friends! ERA-NC Alliance is an alliance of many women’s groups and individuals who recognize the need for ERA.

ERA Cookie Delivery group at beginning of event. More joined. Photo Credit: Marlene Rosol

The ERA, Equal Rights Amendment, is a constitutional amendment simply affording women the same rights as men under the law. The only right women have guaranteed right now – is the right to vote. Under the 3-state strategy, three more states are needed to ratify the ERA. In March 2017, Nevada went ahead and did it!  Read more in “ERA One Step Closer To Ratification After Passage in the [Nevada] Assembly“. Now we only need two more states to ratify.  Senator Heidi Gansert, a Republican in Nevada who voted for the ERA said,

“I understand now today, here in Nevada and across the world, there’s a crescendo building … I can hear it, and I can feel it.”

We feel it in NC too! On Jun 7, we shared the message with legislators in the committees that are holding the ERA bills up!

The Raleigh News and Observer Editorial Staff opined on April 1, 2017, “This time, NC should pass the ERA!” This article mentions our “Women’s Mobilization Monday” events on March 27, 2017 at the Legislative Building, and talks about how women (and men) would benefit by the passage of ERA!

Bills filed in both the NC House and Senate this year would give the legislature a chance to ratify the amendment. See other actions to move ERA along in NC at “Take Action to Move NC To Adopt ERA Bills.” 

NC NOW member Marlene Rosol baked the heart shaped cookies. The ERA-NC Alliance team, led by Marena Groll, organized the cookies and fliers for all the groups. You can see some of the baskets lined up on the table to the right. Our message was to move the ERA bills out of committee, and give them the hearings they deserve!

Marlene with delivery basket for her group, filled with heart shaped cookies and half page fliers summarizing what ERA will do for us! Photo Credit: Marlene Rosol

We divided up into small groups, and each small group visited about six legislators. We gave each legislator a cookie and a flyer that told the benefits of passing the bill that would ratify the ERA in North Carolina.

The banner we’re holding was made around 1972 when the ERA was first drafted. The banner had been liberated from the NC NOW office, where it had been stored for a few decades!

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