Don’t Forget Outrageous Attacks on SOS Elaine Marshall

Fight back outrageous attacks on Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall. It’s more than intimidation – it’s a witch hunt. NC’s House of Representatives has done some terrible things since 2011, but this is a new level. On June 28th, up pops a new bill – House Bill 925 – Creation of House Select Investigatory Committee, introduced by Rep. Chris Millis. Millis and the House leadership are trying to impeach an outstanding public servant on unsubstantiated charges.  As PoliticsNC wrote, “The House Rules Committee voted to begin an investigation into allegations that Marshall illegally commissioned notaries of public who are not citizens. It’s nothing more than political bluster that was debunked during her re-election campaign last year. No state or federal law enforcement agency has suggested any wrong-doing on Marshall’s part.”

NC Secretary of State Elaine Marshall Photo Credit:

SOS Elaine Marshall has been a hardworking, knowledgeable, highly ethical public servant in this office since 1996. Before that, she was a state Senator. By training, Marshall is an attorney. She was the first woman to hold North Carolina statewide executive office. She has been a strong advocate for women all of these years. She was the keynote speaker at our Women’s Equality Through Time March and Rally in Durham in 2015. Read her speech here, you’ll see what an advocate she is.

Action to take:

  • Tell your representative how outraged you are by this witch hunt. Find your representative at Who Represents Me and use the first map (North Carolina House Of Representatives).
  • Contact the Representative who instigated this – Rep. Chris Millis. Email and/or call his office at 919-715-9664.
    millis-woods-1300b.resz.millisforhousecom                        Here is a picture of Millis with his campaign slogan,
    so ironic in light of the political games he’s playing.
  • Feel free to set up meaningful protests!

Other articles to read:

  • “In the final days of the legislative session – when there should be a priority on getting urgent and critical business done – Committee Chair David Lewis gave a grandstanding soap box to state Rep. Chris Millis. He’s a three-term legislator from Pender County who prides himself on being one of the youngest members of the legislature. His maturity matches his boast.” (6/30/17) 
  • Rep. Chris Millis’ witch hunt against Secretary of State Elaine Marshall once again shows the hypocrisy of the current GOP. The party of small government continually uses the power of government to intimidate and threaten opponents. The silence of supposedly responsible Republican leaders gives a profile in cowardice. (6/30/17) 
  • “A Republican state lawmaker’s insistence that North Carolina is illegally commissioning some noncitizens as notaries has escalated into debate about whether to impeach a statewide executive officeholder for the first time in more than a century.” (6/28/17)

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