Democratic Party is Disrespecting Women, Women are Disengaging

The Democratic Party has announced plans to back anti-choice candidates. This plan disrespects women’s health, welfare, safety and economic security!!  Supporting anti-choice candidates throws women’s needs under the bus. Women are really angry, and disengaging, and even leaving! One CNN article called it “Democrats’ disastrous mistake on abortion,” 8/5/17. 

Some of my older friends (who are not already unaffiliated) want to take it up with the Democratic party, but my younger friends (not even that young) just want to leave them in the dust.

Please tell them and show them your outrage, rather than disengaging. To other friends and members who are unaffiliated, think about what it means if neither major party supports reproductive rights.

“The Democratic party, determined to win back the majority in the House of Representatives at any cost, is throwing its support behind anti-choice candidates. That’s a huge mistake. Reproductive justice is at the heart of women’s health, welfare, safety, and economic security.” This is what National NOW posted on 8/3/17 in “Urgent Message to Democratic Leaders: You Can’t Have Economic Justice Without Reproductive Justice.” 

“The chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Ben Ray Luján, said in an interview [last] week that his party intended to support candidates who can win, regardless of their position on abortion rights.” according to Jill Filipovic who wrote “Democrats’ disastrous mistake on abortion,” 8/5/17, Lujan’s “comments echoed earlier ones from Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer and Bernie Sanders.” This is unacceptable.

Apparently the pushback wasn’t great enough when Bernie Sanders was saying this earlier in the year (but then it was mainly Sanders). Blogger Bitter Gertrude captured my outrage then and it applies even more to the Dems now. Read Why Women Are So Angry with Sanders, 4/23/17.

As Jill Filipovic said in “Democrat’s disastrous mistake on abortion,”
“Much of the left has learned all the wrong lessons from Hillary Clinton’s defeat. They could focus on increasing turnout among their base — women and African-Americans — but Democrats have instead taken a rhetorical page from both Donald Trump’s sexism and Bernie Sanders’s populism by trying to appeal to disaffected white guys.”

As NOW wrote, “Most important of all: Democrats can’t risk women’s lives to play this political game. This is even more urgent for marginalized individuals. Women of color, young people, and LGBTQIA+ individuals are hit hardest when abortion access is gutted–and that would almost certainly be the case if the Democrats throw their support behind anti-choice candidates.”

The Democratic Party cannot afford to lose women and minorities. Their plan hurts all women, not just Democrats. Women and allies need to push back NOW!

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