Women’s March Celebration – 6 months later

NC NOW, Women Organizing for Wilmington, and Planned Parenthood co-sponsored an anniversary Women’s March in Wilmington to commemorate the 6 month anniversary of the local, national and international women’s marches. This rally was held on Saturday, Jul 29, from 10:00am to noon, in front of Thalian Hall, in Wilmington, NC. 

Partial group at front. Photo Credit: Women Organizing for Wilmington


The rally message was, “Get your pussy hats out and your pink ears on ’cause we’re taking it back to the streets on Saturday to tell our elected officials that we will not stop fighting for our rights! We rise; we rise; we rise—and we will never stop rising! We are WOMEN (and men who authentically support us) who come together from all corners to stand up for our families.”

Pink pussy hats and children at the women’s rally. Photo Credit: Women Organizing for Wilmington

Signs were encouraged. The event was child-friendly and peaceful.

Star News covered the event at “Women Organizing for Wilmington (WOW) celebrates six months since international women’s march.”

The rally included great speakers, an NC Poet, and music. See the program at Womens-March-Rally-Program. Topics included reproductive rights access, the importance of protest and black lives mattering, public education, importance of science with regard to the poison chemicals in the Cape Fear River.

NC NOW President Gailya Paliga speaking at Thalian Hall. Photo Credit: Sarah Moncelle
Emcee Stacey Robinson and some pink hat ladies! Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga
Speaker Madi Poleria from the March for Science in front of the water table. Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga








The event attracted many people, the Star News estimated 75 on an overcast day. The rain held off for us, luckily.

Thalian Hall is where many of the WOW Monday protests are held, although recent GenX protests (protesting the chemical GenX which is poisoning the Cape Fear River) have moved to Water St.

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