Vote! You have the power of 10!

Be sure to vote in this municipal election, where you have the most say! Charlotte did their primary in September, and only 8.73% of voters voted (which is appalling). So you may say that each of those votes counted more than 11 times. Voter turnout may be low in Wake Co, too. Raleigh and Cary vote on Oct 10, 2017. So if it’s 10% turnout, your vote may count 10 times over!

People across NC can look up their voting sites, voting history and ballot at People can look up friends and family who live in NC too.

Early voting is now. In Wake County, early voting started on Sept 21 only at the Wake County Board of Elections Office at 337 S. Salisbury St in Raleigh. This site is open at 8:30am to 5pm from Monday to Friday this week (Oct 2 to Oct 6) and from 10am to 1pm on Saturday, Oct 7.

This week Raleigh is opening up a few more sites – only Oct 4, Oct 5, Oct 6 from 11am to 7pm and Oct 7 from 10am to 1pm. Basically, early voting ends early, at 1pm on Saturday, Oct 7. See sites, and dates and times of operation at

Some things to know about early voting, PSA from Carly Jones (with a few clarifications).

1. REGISTRATION: If you need to register to vote – don’t worry – you can actually register to vote ON SITE during early voting.

2. MOVED?: If you’ve recently moved – you can actually change your address at the early voting spot. This is only during early voting.

3. NO ID?: You DO NOT have to show an ID during early or regular voting.

4. LIMITED TIME?: Lines are not that long during the first part of early voting – they can get a little lengthy during the last few days…so get out there NOW! Sept 21-Oct 7 (only until 1pm on Oct. 7).

5. POLLING PLACE CONFUSION?: Don’t worry – during early voting you can vote at ANY early voting spot that is open, no matter where you live. This is only during early voting. Only one site is open from Sept 21 through Oct 3. On Oct. 4, more sites open through Oct 7 at 1pm. On October 11, go to your assigned polling site. Find it at

6. YA’LL. There is literally not a single reason I can think of that you would not vote in this election. Literally. Not. One. Do it. Local elections will directly make a difference in our individual lives and our communities. If you don’t vote – I don’t want to hear a single complaint about traffic, development, food deserts, parks, housing, arts funding, public transportation, bike trails, downtown parking, noise ordinances…I mean…Not. One. #GetOutTheVote


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