Mobilizing Women NOW – Totally Worth It! Summary.

This year’s NC NOW conference in Fayetteville occurred at a time when women’s rights and reproductive choices are under greater attack than they have been in decades. As we all attempt to adapt to an administration that has been hijacked by special interests including climate deniers, the evangelical extremists and forces hostile to women, the theme of Mobilizing Women NOW could not be more important.

Attendees got to choose what interested them the most. Some workshops focused on dangers – like threats to reproductive rights  and a hostage budget that hurts women. Other workshops ways to fight back – lawsuits against gerrymandering, planning programs that pop, and working with other organizations and legislators to pass commonsense legislation. All of our workshops were on topics of current interest and presented by people who were well prepared. See the agenda, keynote and speaker biographies, workshop summaries and more at 2017 NC NOW Conference Program – Updated.

Planning Programs That Pop, with Ana Tampanna of Triad NOW. Photo Credit: Liz Testa Vasser

Cindy Thomson from Charlotte NOW wrote, “The work that Fayetteville NOW has done with the police to get rape kits analyzed is amazing. I can’t say enough about the Lieutenant who spoke and the woman in charge of the rape crisis program in Fayetteville. A true testament to working together for a good outcome. Sometimes, protesting isn’t enough!

Sexual Assault Kit Photo Credit: Catherine Evangelista

Our keynote speaker, Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, showed how vigilant we all must be to stop the erosion of our rights and how important it is for us to take action immediately. Elaine Marshall’s  referenced her last keynote to an NC NOW Conference in Fayetteville in 1999. She is always on top of women’s issues and expresses herself so well.

Secretary of State Elaine Marshall was our Keynote Speaker.

Special Guest Sarah Preston, Executive Director of Lillian’s List, gave a Running For Office 101 mini-training for our group.

Sarah Preston Photo Credit: Catherine Evangelista

There was a lot of energy and camaraderie around the room and Fayetteville NOW outdid themselves providing hospitality and fun. People left the conference talking and fired up.

Input from Roberta Waddle, Lori Bunton and Cindy Thomson.

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