Stop the Assaults, Stop The Violence, #MeToo Event and Action

The President of NC National Organization for Women, Gailya Paliga, led #TuesdaysWithTillis on Nov 14, 2017, with the theme of “Stop the Violence, Stop the Assault/#MeToo.” It was chilly outside, but 45 people and 2 dogs protested anyway. This was Week #43 of the Tuesdays With Tillis protests and still going strong. The next week’s theme (11/21/17)  is DACA/Dreamers.

Sept 13, 2017 was the 23rd anniversary of the passage of VAWA, which is severely threatened with Donald Trump (who bragged about committing sexual assault) in office. The VAWA bill is gender-neutral and includes funding for rape crisis centers and hotlines, services for victims with disabilities, legal aide for survivors, and more.

Senator Richard Burr voted against reauthorizing VAWA in 2012, and Senator Thom Tillis isn’t on record yet. 

Action: Call or email your Senators about the need to renew the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) which the Trump budget eliminates. This is something you can do from anywhere with access to the internet to get the talking points. Find the actions at Contact Senator Tillis here.  Then you can Contact Senator Burr here. Talking points are included.

Summary of event

The event began with a welcome from ‘Tuesdays With Tillis’ organizer Karen Ziegler. Then the Raging Grannies introduce a new song they wrote for today about #MeToo. Then Gailya Paliga gave an introduction to and some history on #MeToo and VAWA.

Photo Credit: Jacalyn Engler

And you can hear the Raging Grannies sing it at

It was cold, so we marched while chanting over to the fence outside of Senator Thom Tillis’ offices. Find some chants against sexual violence at Sarah McCullouch’s Reclaim the Night Feminist Chants

Photo Credit: Jacalyn Engler


In the sunlight, five women read some of the most prominent allegations to surface as part of the #MeToo campaign around sexual abuse. Instead of doing the original idea of a #MeToo speakout, different women read about how women in multiple areas have spoken out – Women in Hollywood, female US Senators and Congresswoman, women in media, female athletes, and female State Legislators. We are pushing for accountability and change. 

The summaries were from an article in Business Insider, so this issue has really spread to multiple news sources. See “These are the most prominent allegations to surface as part of the #MeToo campaign around sexual abuse,” 10/29/17, Business Insider.

Then the group talked together, about #MeToo and about the signs people had brought. A related topic to #MeToo was the #NoMoreRoyMoore sentiments on new signs.

Photo Credit: Michael Eisenberg
Photo Credit: Michael Eisenberg

We ended with talk about taking the action (calling Senators Burr and Tillis), talking about the themes for the next few weeks, and other upcoming events, like a protest at Congressman George Holding’s office on Wednesday, 11/15/ 17, and an Empty Chair Town Hall on 11/30/17.

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