Things we can do to fight all this!

People are asking ‘what do we do now’ in response to the US Senate passing that horrifying and devastating tax bill in the middle of the night on 12/2/17 (Friday night/Saturday morning). Others asked last night after watching the real status of women at the Equal Means Equal discussion.

We have many things we can do – fight this! We are not alone! We can use our voices! Go to protests if you can, but we have other ways to protest too. Protest from home – by phone and email! Write letters. Write ‘letters to the editor’ or op-eds to reach new people. Talk to people. Some truly aren’t hearing how bad things are. Fight in any ways that work for you!

Tuesdays With Tillis – We Will Not Be Silent! Photo credit: Gailya Paliga

Added on 12/13/17: Song sheet of tax cut parodies to classic Christmas songs. See below.

Here is contact information (phone and email through systems) for Senators Burr and Tillis – (Click on the address or copy and paste it into your browser.)

Go to protests when you can. There are groups organizing protests – for example, I try to get to all of the Tuesdays With Tillis protests in Raleigh at the Federal Building where Tillis’ office is (310 New Bern Ave). We have themes each week, including a #MeToo theme a few weeks ago which NC NOW organized, an environmental concern theme also in November. Many lately have been focused on the #TrumpTaxScam because it’s so heinous. 11:30am-12:30pm. These protests have been a regular thing – for 46 weeks!! There are facebook events made each week, in case you are on facebook and want reminders. Each Tuesdays With Tillis protest has a format – and you can join in or sit down as works best for you. We have a working system, including speakers at a few points (not long). We march and chant around to Tillis’ side of building. We have songs at the end. I love the songs. Because of the urgency of the #TrumpTaxScam bill last week, the group protested 3 times in Raleigh (regular Tuesday, plus Monday and Thursday). The Thursday additional one was to sing parodies of Christmas Carols, which were a joy. We did some of them again today.

Twelve Days Of GOP (Parody) Photo Credit: Stacie Borrello

See more song parodies at Christmas Tax Cut Song Parodies

On facebook, NC NOW is at Tuesdays With Tillis is at

There is a group going to speak to Congressman George Holding at his Raleigh office on Falls tomorrow, 12/6/17, at 11:30am, to deliver letters and protest. If you can’t go to him, you can write him. He/his office will write people back. The facebook event for visit to Holding’s office is at

Look up your congressperson at this link, going down to the 3rd map on that page.

Join more organizations that are doing things that interest you. Showing up at protests, writing and calling your reps, telling friends and family what is wrong – these are all very useful. Many people really don’t know.

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