Great Feminist Theatre in Raleigh! (Jan/Feb 2018)

Two great feminist plays coming right up in Raleigh – “What We’re Up Against” on gender discrimination in the workplace and The Vagina Monologues (20 year anniversary!). Support the arts! Support women! Maintain interest in these issues!

1. “What We’re Up Against” from 1992 – so relevant in the #MeToo era!

As the high profile sexual harassment and assault allegations continue, and are validated, this comedy more than resonates.

“Set in a highly competitive architecture firm, What We’re Up Against takes an explosive look at the complicated battle of the sexes raging across Cubicle Land. A funny yet insightful view of what it means to be female in a male-dominated career and one woman’s response when she tires of slamming into the glass ceiling.” (According to a book summary I found online)

The News and Observer reviewer writes, “Despite [Theresa] Rebeck writing “What We’re Up Against” in 1992, the year that the play is set, the most startling aspect of the comedy is its gut-punching relevance. When one female character asks, “Why is it still like this?” the significant lack of progress over the past quarter-century hits home.”

Raleigh Little Theatre is presenting this at William Peace University (until recently known as Peace College). Shows run through Jan. 28, 2018. Go to or call 919-821-3111 for more info and to get tickets.

2. Vagina Monologues

Runs Tuesday, Feb. 13- Thursday, Feb. 15 (2018) at North Raleigh Arts & Creative Theatre, 7713-51 Lead Mine Road, Raleigh, NC 27615

Looks like our NC NOW President may have a piece to perform on Feb 15.

The proceeds go to Interact, Wake County’s women’s shelter. Every production of this show ends up different and the ones we’ve seen have been excellent! 

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