Raleigh Women’s Rally calls for Gender Equality and More!

The Women’s Rally on Raleigh was a wonderful event! So Many People! Excellent speakers and performers! Inspiring Emcees! Perfect weather! Whether you were with us in body or in spirit (or both) here are things you may not know! 

WROR, Halifax Mall, 20 Jan 18 Photo Credit: Vicky DeGroote

“Residents from all over North Carolina gathered on Halifax Mall on Saturday for the Women’s Rally on Raleigh. There were musical performers, tables, and a diverse line-up of speakers meant to energize citizens into engaging with their government on issues that affect them and their communities,” from Women’s Rally on Raleigh draws several thousand to Halifax Mall” at http://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/article195785414.html

WRAL wrote, “On the one year anniversary of the inauguration of President Donald Trump, between 5,000 and 10,000 people gathered in Raleigh’s Halifax Mall to build support for a liberal-leaning agenda on issues such as women’s rights, reproductive rights, immigration reform, healthcare reform, LGBTQ rights and environmental issues.” Written in “Thousands rally for second Women’s March on Raleigh one year since Trump inauguration” at http://www.wral.com/thousands-rally-for-second-women-s-march-on-raleigh-one-year-since-trump-s-inauguration/17276786/

I think it was more like 15,000! People came and went between 8am and 1pm. The official Women’s Rally On Raleigh facebook event showed 3.8K Went · 9.3K Interested (13.1k total potential). But the Women’s Rally on Raleigh did not have co-hosting of the event, so different organizations made their own facebook events for the same thing, and not visible together.

My favorite part was a poem written for the women’s event by MaryBe McMillan, President (and first female president) of the AFL-CIO NC. Listen to her original poem, as delivered by McMillan herself at the event, at “#TimesUp, Enough, No More” at http://aflcionc.org/timesup-a-poem-for-womens-march-2018/

Organizer Sarah Moncelle was quoted in NC State University’s Technician. Moncelle said she was excited to mobilize people, as well as connect them with activist organizations in North Carolina. We had 55 sponsoring organizations as of 1/18/18. 42 of these organizations set up tables at Halifax Mall for the event.

Sarah Moncelle greeting friend as speaker and civil right attorney Anita Earls looks on, smiling. Photo Credit: Gerald Givens Jr.

See the article “Downtown Women’s Rally calls for gender equality” at http://www.technicianonline.com/news/article_9511b432-fe12-11e7-af1a-ef906385ad57.html.

Thanks to our outreach committee, we had 34 elected officials planning to attend the Women’s Rally On Raleigh, 20 of them women! 

See a more extensive list of press coverage at https://womensmarchonraleigh.org/press/.

Panoramic of Women’s Rally On Raleigh Photo Credit: Karen Todd Dyer Nance

And people brought such wonderful signs! Here are a few of my favorites.

Not OvaryActing! Photo Credit: Rachel Granholm

We had 42 sponsor organizations lining the side of the mall opposite the stage. Raleigh NOW was there too.

Some of the 42 organizer tables. Photo Credit: Rachel Granholm

Love this sign! “We Need Factual Healing! Let’s get it on”

Photo Credit: Heather Lowe

One of the signs in the next photo has a picture of a uterus. It says “Shed walls. Don’t build them!” Another, with a clock face, is “Rise And Shine! The Time Is NOW! Vote!”

So many great signs! Photo Credit: Heather Lowe

This is our beautiful program in color. It is only missing the name of the Dreamer, since we didn’t actually have the name, and didn’t want to use a placeholder name.




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