Coverage of NC’s 9 Women’s Marches and Rallies on 1/20/18

Here are links to a few articles on those 9 women’s march anniversary events that were held on 1/20/18.

Triad – Women’s March On The Polls, 12-3pm,
“Thousands march, protest at Winston-Salem Women’s March” at

“We are a nation looking for villains to blame and heroes to save us. We can do better,” speaker Madison Kimrey said. “The issues didn’t start with the outcome of an election. We must march as the change we want to see.”

Photo Credit: Mary Catherine Kimrey

The WFMY News coverage said, “Speakers focused on different topics such as education for children, discrimination in the workplace, and reproductive health.”

Triad Women’s March organizer Vina Modaress said,

“More than ever before women are participating in the civic and political process, from engaging with our elected officials to running for office. Our voices are finally being heard in regards to gender inequalities, and sexual harassment and assault as evidenced by the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. But there is still a lot of work ahead. The Women’s Marches this year are a way to celebrate what we have accomplished over the last year and demonstrate to each other that we’re all still here fighting together for a better future.”

See more at “Triad Women’s March Brings Power to the Polls” at, WFMY news, 1/20/18.

Raleigh – Women’s Rally On Raleigh, 9-1, Raleigh NC.
Theme is “Women Leading The Resistance!”

You can watch our rally up close and person with WRAL, who were plugged into our sound system and captured the stage, at! ABC-11 captured some crowd (but not the stage) from an off spot, but the video goes longer than WRAL’s. Find it at

There were multiple sources of coverage. Many are listed at

One of my favorites is from the News and Observer – “Women’s rally draws thousands, pushes for change in state and federal leadership” at – includes about 3 minute video coverage with interview of 3 of the organizers. The organizers captured some great quotes from the Raleigh event. 

Another great article (along with one of my favorite signs) is an op-ed, ““Ovary-acting? Nope.” Why protest humor works” at, 1/26/18, News and Observer.

Photo Credit: Rachel Granholm

In it, Peter Skillern writes, “The tension inherent in protest is why humor can work so well. A protest without humor is a wasted opportunity for a needed laugh. Anger and name calling feed the negative, not the positive. A protest with a little humor can be an effective tool for communicating the message.”

“Humor as protest draws a chuckle and conveys a point in a way that the audience can hear without being angry and defensive in return. It can be biting, caustic and shocking, but if it is funny the message will be remembered.”



Charlotte – Charlotte’s Women’s March, 10am-2pm,

Thousands at Women’s March in Charlotte: ‘Fired up, ready to go’ at, posted while the march was happening on Jan 20, 2018. Charlotte NOW officer Melba Evans spoke at the Charlotte’s Remarchable Women’s March, see the video here, at Melba’s Musings. Charlotte NOW also helping with organizing.

Photo Credit: Brantley Bonnette

And, on Jan 22, in the Politics and Government section, the Charlotte Observer posted, “A year later, thousands of ‘fired up’ women marched again. Here’s what it inspired” at

That “Fired Up” article said, “Taking place on the anniversary of last year’s march, the events showed how women have translated last year’s passion into activism, even candidacies. For many women in Charlotte and across the country, the march has become a movement.”

And “This week Time Magazine recognized the phenomenon with a cover headlined “The Avengers.” It was a collage of photos of some of the record number of women running for public office.”

The article continues later, “The momentum has been sustained in large part because Donald Trump continues to say and do things that make the women … just as angry and worried about the future,” says Jennifer Lawless, director of American University’s Women & Politics Institute. “Part of the reason the #MeToo movement has taken off the way it has is because the infrastructure has been built by the Women’s March.”

Charlotte Mayor Vi Liles took part in the march and rally.

Asheville – Anniversary Women’s March On Asheville, 11am-1pm 

“Asheville Women’s March looks to inspire: ‘We must take the reins of power'” – at This event was organized by 4  high school students! The citizen times has 76 photos with their article.

Fayetteville – Women’s March On Fayetteville, 1pm, at Market House.

“Waving signs and chanting together, women marched in downtown Fayetteville in support of equality and against sexual assault and harassment on the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration.”

“The Fayetteville rally also marked the 45th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion. It was one of more than 200 similar events planned for the weekend around the world, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver and Raleigh.”

Women march downtown: “We need to continue to be strong” at

Wilmington – Women’s March On Wilmington, 1-3opm,

“Hundreds Participate In Second Annual Women’s March In Wilmington” at, 1/20/18.

In the clip, organizer Lynn Shoemaker says, “This year is different in that it’s not so much fueled by anger, although there is some of that, but it’s fueled more by a desire for change and so I’m going to say this year is more about voting.” 

“Women’s march draws more than 2000 in Downtown Wilmington,” at, says 

“In total about 2000 people attended the rally, according to counts provided on Facebook by WOW.

Catherine Evangelista spoke there on behalf of NC NOW. Watch the event yourself at

Hillsborough- Orange County Women’s “March Into Action, 3-5pm,
100 E. King Street, Hillsborough, NC
Historic Courthouse lawn and River Park Farmers Market Pavilion (East Margaret Lane)

“Pink hats come back: Hillsborough hosts Women’s March into Action” at

“March co-organizer Christina Benson, an associate professor at Elon University, said this year’s march centered around building bridges to allow for constructive conversations between people of different backgrounds and political affiliations.”

Some issues covered by local organizations at the march included reproductive rights, violence against women, racial inequities in Orange County schools, the future of DACA and immigration reform. Speakers included Hillsborough Mayor Tom Stevens.

Women’s March in Black Mountain, 9:30am start

“Women’s March gathers many causes under pink umbrella,” at said a lot about their event.

The 9:30 a.m. event kicked off with speeches at Town Square before proceeding down State and Dougherty streets.

“I’m so proud of our community, the way the march (brought together) women, girls, supporting men, of all ages,” Sarah Vekasi, organizer of the Black Mountain march, said afterward.

She was pleased by the diversity of causes that came together for the march “because,” she said, “our umbrella is so large that it supports equal access to health care, education, immigrants’ rights, pay equity, getting all rape kits tested” and trying to change American culture so that identifying as part of the MeToo Movement is done with delight because the nation’s collective attitude toward women and girls has turned respectful.

On January 21, 2018, WLOS posted video of the women’s march in “Hundreds turn out for Women’s March in Black Mountain,” at

Women’s March in Burnsville – SUNDAY JAN 21, 6:30PM

(Looking for coverage of the Burnsville event)

More pictures and video are included in the facebook events that were used for many of these women’s march anniversary events. See links to the facebook events at And Then There Were Nine Women’s March Events.

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