Charlotte NOW: End The Sex Abuse to Prison Pipeline Forum – 2/7/18

Girls are affected by violence at an alarming rate in the US. Many of these girls are penalized for trauma induced behavior without receiving the wrap around services they need. Many of them end up in the school-prison pipeline. 73% of girls in the juvenile court systems are victims of sexual or physical assault.

The Charlotte NOW chapter leadership met with the Title IX Coordinator to learn what CMS has in place to help these girls. Their February 2018 meeting (Feb 7, 7-9pm, Unitarian Universalist Church) will focus on this initiative with a distinguished panel of guests, including Changed Choices and Safe Alliance, who are knowledgeable and active in this endeavor. They will share their knowledge and their experiences and what people can do to help. Please don’t miss this most informative meeting. And most of all, let’s show our support for these women who are making Changed Choices!

Charlotte NOW chose decriminalization of trauma as their focus for 2017/2018.

National NOW’s official priorities are reflected in six issue areas. In conjunction with that, Charlotte NOW adopted Changed Choices an organization that supports incarcerated women. We collect much needed supplies for the Changed Choices transitional home in Charlotte at each of our monthly meetings – like cleaning supplies, towels, twin sheet sets, paper goods, shelf stable foods, detergent and grocery cards. Additionally, they need stamps for mailing at the Changed Choices office. PLEASE BRING DONATIONS TO THIS MEETING.


We are returning to the Unitarian Universalist Church at 234 N. Sharon Amity Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211 for our monthly meetings starting in February!

For more information on the alarming link between victimization of girls and contact with the juvenile justice system, see the National report, “The Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline: The Girls’ Story.”

There is also a 2015 report, “Pipeline to Prison Crammed With Girls of Color,” which shows that among the 14,000 girls currently in the system, girls of color are disproportionately represented. “Part of the issue is the disregard of girls at the intersection of race and poverty.”

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