Fayetteville NOW’s 18th annual Susan B. Anthony event – 2/22/18

This 18th annual Susan B. Anthony event will honor Deanne Gerdes, Executive Director of Rape Crisis of Cumberland County RCCC, and Lt. John Somerindyke, of Fayetteville Police Department’s Cold Case Sexual Assault Unit. Gerdes and Somerindyke are being thanked for all they have done to further the progress of cold rape cases by initiating coordinating efforts with local legislators relative to untested rape kits.

Sexual Assault Kit from display at 2017 NC NOW Conference Photo Credit: Catherine Evangelista

Date: Thursday, Feb 22, 2018
Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm
Place: VFW Post 6018, 116 Chance St., Fayetteville NC
Registration: Use this form, which you can see below.

Fayetteville’s local weekly periodical, “Up and Coming” featured an article about the event, “Fighting for statewide sexual assault survivor justice: Gerdes and Somerindyke honored at Fayetteville NOW event.”

Rape Crisis Center of Cumberland County Executive Director, Deanne Gerdes learned in 2015 “that thousands of sexual assault kits were sitting on shelves at law enforcement agencies untested. She also learned that Vice President Joe Biden had just released $72 million to test backlogged kits.”

“Part of my job is to go with victims to the hospital when they have a rape kit done,” Gerdes said. “That experience can be humiliating and very, very difficult. And it’s re-traumatizing. So to have this kit performed to only sit on shelves is wrong. Why are we even asking victims to do it if nothing’s going to be done with these kits?”

So Gerdes and Somerindyke are getting them tested.

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