Bus to Rally in DC Against Fake Clinics (CPCs) Telling Lies – 3/20/18

“What’s more important? The right to spread lies, fear and shame under the guise of free speech? Or the right of people seeking health care and counseling during pregnancy to receive accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive information from a licensed medical facility? An upcoming Supreme Court case may decide just that.” – Lynne Walter, Naral Pro-Choice NC

The Supreme Court said in November 2017 that it would decide whether California violates free speech guarantees to require “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs) to tell patients the truth about access to contraception services and abortion assistance. Even though the opening arguments start this month (March, 2018), standard media is not covering the case – but the anti-abortion groups are!

Crisis Pregnancy Center Protest
Photo Credit: Whole Woman’s Health Blog

On Tuesday, March 20, the U.S. Supreme Court (in Washington DC) will hear oral arguments in (National Institute of Family and Life Advocates) NIFLA v. Becerra, a case that fake women’s health centers brought to the court to overturn a California law (California Reproductive FACT ACT) that provides people with access to full and accurate information about their reproductive health options. Becerra is California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

Supreme Court Building in Washington DC Photo Credit: HD Wallpaper

You can see the Supreme Court arguments, amicus briefs, and lawyer articles at SCOTUSBlog.com. “Issue: Whether the disclosures required by the California Reproductive FACT Act violate the protections set forth in the free speech clause of the First Amendment, applicable to the states through the 14th Amendment.”

The anti-abortion organizations have been waiting for a case like this, and now they have Neil Gorsuch on the bench.  According to Slate.com in June 2017, “Justice Neil Gorsuch revealed himself to be everything that liberals had most feared: pro-gun, pro–travel ban, anti-gay, anti–church/state separation. He is certainly more conservative than Justice Samuel Alito and possibly to the right of Justice Clarence Thomas. He is an uncompromising reactionary… ” Meanwhile, Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced retirement this summer, foxnews.com, 3/11/18. “Kennedy, the 81-year-old swing vote appointed to the court by former President Ronald Reagan, has served on the bench for 29 years.”

NARAL has chartered a bus from NC to DC that day. Let’s join them! There will be hundreds of other reproductive freedom advocates to rally to demand that fake women’s health centers end the lies! I’m going with them and you can too!

The bus will leave around 3 am on Tuesday and there will be pickup/drop-off locations in both Raleigh and Durham. Specifics about locations and the day’s itinerary will be sent to you after you register.  The bus trip is free, but please consider making a small donation to defray the costs of refreshments that will be provided during the trip.

As you probably know, fake women’s health centers (also known as crisis pregnancy centers or CPCs) are deceptive, anti-abortion/anti-choice, unlicensed and unregulated centers that pretend to be full-service clinics, but really exist to push an anti-abortion agenda, and to shame, force and coerce women into making a decision that may not be right for them.

In North Carolina, the CPCs get taxpayer money to push their extremist ideology. In fact, the NC General Assembly Budget Gives $2.6 Million to Crisis Pregnancy Centers over 2 years/$1.3 million a year (Indy.com, 6/26/17)!! The CPCs often set up very close to real abortion clinics and trick women into going to the fake clinics instead, or set up in low wage communities with less access to transporation.

If you can’t join us in Washington, DC, there will still be opportunities to participate in this campaign from wherever you are.
We look forward to seeing you on the bus!
#EndTheLies    #ExposeFakeClinics

-Article written with thanks to Tara Romano, Naral Pro-Choice North Carolina

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