April 2018 Week of Activism in DC, with #EnoughIsEnough Summit

Join the National Organization for Women (NOW) for a five-day event in Washington, DC, including a lobby day at the Capitol on April 26. This year’s NOW Civic Days at the Capitol will take place around our #EnoughIsEnough Summit, focusing on concrete solutions to dismantle the toxic system of sexual abuse and harassment. NOW will provide training and materials to activists at our National Action Center on April 24, so they will be fully prepared to meet with their members of Congress. NOW activists will lobby on legislation regarding sexual assault and harassment, abortion and reproductive rights, and other pertinent bills moving through the Congress.

Highlights of the event include tours of the Capitol Visitor Center, Capitol building, and the Library of Congress on April 23, lunch with a congressional staffer on April 24, a group photo in front of the Capitol building, before the summit, on April 25, and Emerge America training on April 27* for those seriously considering running for office or working on a campaign.

Space for the Civic Days is limited. Please register today to reserve your spot.

*All events and times are subject to change. NOW is providing Civic Days training and materials at no cost to our members. All food, transportation, rooming and personal charges are the responsibility of the member. Emerge Training to be confirmed.

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