Protect Reproductive Healthcare! Save Lives! 4/10/18

President Trump’s policies and Congress have had a disastrous affect on women and families in North Carolina, the United States and the world.  On Tuesday April 10 at 11:30 am, members and supporters of NC NOW (National Organization of Women), NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, El Pueblo, and Population Connection join Tuesdays with Tillis Indivisible ask that Senator Tillis respond with legislative support to remedy the repressive policies which cost women their lives.  

Join us as we concentrate on reproductive care and reproductive justice policies at the federal level.  Do you know there is a US policy which cuts off all US health funding for other countries as America tries to control other countries’ reproductive care?  It’s the Global Gag Rule, which President Trump instated and massively expanded in January 2017.  And Congress renews the heinous Hyde Amendment every year! The Hyde Amendment prohibits low income women, federal employees and their dependents and others from using their own insurance or Medicaid to cover abortions. This means Congress targets a range of women from getting a specific medical procedure via the Hyde Amendment – and has done so every year since 1976.

“The Hyde Amendment is nothing more than playing politics with the lives of those who traditionally have lacked access to quality, affordable care, such as poor women, rural communities and young people,” said Tara Romano, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina.

Date: Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Time: 11:30am-12:30pm
Place: Federal Building which houses Senator Thom Tillis’ Raleigh office
310 New Bern Ave, Raleigh

Tara Romano of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina discusses #HydeAmendment, which continues to ban federal Medicaid coverage of most abortion care, and has spread to other public and private insurance coverage bans. Florence Siman from El Pueblo will talk about the importance of Reproductive Justice for the Latinx community in North Carolina. Amanda Murray of Population Connection will talk about the #GlobalGagRule which historically has hurt women in other countries as the US works to control what their organizations say and do. The Trump administration made the current version of the global gag rule much worse than it had ever been previously.

Past versions of the Gag Rule have been devastating to family planning programs around the world. The expansion of the policy to other global health programs will be catastrophic—potentially affecting $9.5 billion or more in US aid, according to Suzanne Ehlers, president and CEO of the global reproductive health organization PAI.

Trump's Global Gag Rules: Making A Bad Policy 16 Times Worse. Photo Credit: Human Rights Watch
Trump’s Global Gag Rules: Making A Bad Policy 16 Times Worse. Photo Credit: Human Rights Watch

“Every year, 300,000 women die of maternity related complications – 47,000 as a result of unsafe abortion. That’s why we’re calling on Senator Tillis to support the Global HER Act which would repeal Trump’s deadly Global Gag Rule,” said Amanda Murray of Population Connection said.

We call on Senator Tillis to support legislation which would end the Hyde Amendment (the “EACH Woman Act”), to vote against the Hyde Amendment in the future, and to repeal Trump’s deadly Global Gag Rule by supporting the “Global HER Act”.

Additional Information:

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