You Can’t Believe this Terrible NC State Budget

Even just the titles of the listed articles give you an idea how terrible this state budget is. This is the state budget for which the NCGA leadership subverted the process so there can be no amendments or discussion on it. NC NOW Vice President of Legislation Robin Davis described how this was done and why  in the NC NOW Legislative Update for the Short Session #2. When she wrote it, most people, including Democratic lawmakers, had not even seen the budget yet! Now more people have seen it and many are angry and upset! These articles explain a few of the major issues being discovered in this budget that was written behind closed doors, and delve in if you dare!

There have been some amazingly scathing articles on the legislative leadership (Senator Phil Berger & Rep. Tim Moore) circumventing the normal budget process. Berger and Moore and their buddies are shutting out the voices of citizens and other lawmakers. Here are 2 of my favorites.

Rally on “Real Money For Fake Women’s Clinics”. Photo Credit: Michael Eisenberg

Cut from the NC budget: Democracy,” News and Observer, 5/26/18, at

Editorial: Is N.C. in the hands of dictators? Latest budget ploy suggests so,” WRAL, 5/28/18, at

After Memorial Day, once people could finally access the budget, it’s coming out how unconscionable this budget is! Look what they decided to do (and not do) with taxpayer money!

Anti-abortion pregnancy clinics and Christian hunting clubs get money in NC budget,” News and Observer, 5/29/18, at

Where’s the money to test backlog of rape kits, Josh Stein asks lawmakers,” N&O, 5/30/18,

Suicide hotline funding excluded from NC budget proposal, group says” News and Observer, 5/29/18, at

“Durham educators: State budget undervalues, disrespects veteran teachers,” WRAL, 5/29/18, at

STATEMENT: NCGA budget once again prioritizes tax cuts above communities, health, and classrooms, NC Justice Center, 5/29/18, at

“Our View: Water Safety Act is nothing of the kind,” Fayetteville Observer, 5/28/18, (making it harder to clean up GenX and a host of other dangerous emerging contaminants that are found in varying degrees of abundance in the Cape Fear River) at

NC Senate votes 36-14 for the budget after Republicans threaten Democrats at

Actions you can take.

  • Share this post and these articles on social media.
  • Write Letters to the Editor in your local newspaper(s).
  • Write your own representatives in the NC House and the NC Senate. Look your representatives up at WhoRepresentsMe in NC.
  • Write the leaders who subverted the process –
    Senator Phil Berger at 919-733-5708, email
    Rep. Tim Moore at 919-733-3451, email

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