NC NOW Legislative Short Session Wrap-Up #7, 2 Jul 18

North Carolina NOW Legislative Wrap-up—3 July 2018 – By Robin Davis


The short session adjourned on June 26, 2018—but the Adjournment Resolution calls for a lame duck session beginning November 27.  This session will occur before the newly elected legislators take office; therefore, Republicans will retain their gerrymandered veto-proof majorities in both houses for one more session.

One section of full press conference room after the ERA NC Advocacy Day 2018 press conference. Photo Credit: Sen. Floyd McKissick


The North Carolina state constitution isn’t broke and it doesn’t need fixing.  Even so, this fall we will be asked to vote on six proposed amendments to the state constitution.  All are designed to energize the Republican base in a year when that party is expected to suffer some losses.  They also serve other purposes, including radical power grabs by the legislature at the expense of the governor, amendments to protect laws that the courts have ruled unconstitutional, and amendments addressing cultural matters or designed to lock in the present Republican agenda for future generations.

To see the list and summary of the six amendments North Carolinians will be voting on in the general election in Nov 2018, read North_Carolina_NOW_Legislative_Update__7.2_July_2018.v3. Also captured in the report – a summary of ERA NC Advocacy Day 2018, new restrictions on early voting, a listing of enacted laws, and a list of failed bills.

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