Action: Stop #SCOTUS Nomination – Save Roe, Save America!

Senator Thom Tillis is sending out emails asking constituents to sign a petition in support of #SCOTUS nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh! Tillis sent out at least two emails about this petition already – one last Friday (the 13th) and one on 7/16/18, the same day of Trump’s #TreasonSummit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Read more about Kavanaugh and take action here.

The truth is that Kavanaugh has made some very shocking rulings and has very surprising ideas (like that a sitting president is above the law). You can read this two page summary from Yale Law Students, Alumni, and Educators Regarding Brett Kavanaugh’s previous rulings, and the original letter with signatures is on googledoc here.  (I know not everyone can access googledocs.) The Yale letter summarizes itself as follows.

“The list goes on. We see in these rulings an intellectually and morally bankrupt ideologue intent on rolling back our rights and the rights of our clients. Judge Kavanaugh’s resume is certainly marked by prestige, groomed for exactly this nomination. But degrees and clerkships should not be the only, or even the primary, credential for a Supreme Court appointment. A commitment to law and justice is. “

I’m sure by now you’ve heard how extreme Kavanaugh’s ideas and judgement is. Here are a few examples of his rulings in different areas (source: Feminist Majority).

  1. Kavanaugh decided that the government did not have to facilitate the abortion of a pregnant woman detained at the border, citing the government’s interest in “favoring fetal life.”
  2. Argued against the birth control benefits mandated under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), saying it places a ‘burden’ on employers.
  3. Argued that presidents should be immune from “time-consuming and distracting” investigations! (2009)
  4. Consistently rules for corporations and against average people – rules that the Consumer Protection Bureau is unconstitutional, and he opposes net neutrality.

In addition, BK has repeatedly opposed gun safety legislation and states that assault weapons bans are unconstitutional. 

So here we have this extremist judge, who has shown himself to be to the right of all the Supreme Court justices besides perhaps Clarence Thomas. The Supreme Court could rule on questions arising from the special counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in our elections. We need a justice who understands that no one is above the law. 

Action: Please call and/or write Burr and Tillis and tell them to vote NO on Brett Kavanaugh. You can use this:
“Kavanaugh’s nomination represents a significant conflict of interest, since Kavanaugh has written that the president should be exempt from “time consuming and distracting” lawsuits and investigations, and the Trump campaign is under investigation for so many serious crimes, including collusion with Russia. More people are accusing Trump himself of treason, especially since the Helsinki summit on 7/16/18. Kavanaugh has a long history of opposing reproductive rights and has stated that assault weapons bans are unconstitutional as well. Please Vote ‘No’ on Brett Kavanaugh.”

See different ways to contact Senators Burr and Tillis here.  If you live in a state besides North Carolina, contact your own US Senators with the same or similar message.

NC NOW President Gailya Paliga will speak about Tillis and Burr and the job they should be doing (advice and consent) at the Tuesdays With Tillis event on 7/17/18 at noon. Find it on facebook here. We’re doing a rally on reuniting immigrant children with their families and stopping the zero tolerance policy at 11:30am, and talking about problems with the #SCOTUS nomination of Brett Kavanaugh at 12. Please join us if you can. Call and/or write your US Senators no matter what!

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