Honest Captions for Six Constitutional Amendments #NixAllSix

Citizens are OUTRAGED at the latest power grab by the #ncga leadership. The#NCGA leadership called a special session on 7/23/18 to take place on 7/24/18 to usurp the job of a real commission to write captions for the 6 constitutional amendments that they put on the ballot! Just the captions! An activist friend provided honest captions they should use! Outraged citizens were there to greet the NCGA, including NC NOW members, women, young people, and moms with children and babies. 

Outraged citizens protest latest NCGA power grab. The House gallery was somewhat full and more people were outside with signs like #SHAME and #NixAllSix. Photo Credit: Aylett Colston

We held signs like #SHAME, #NixAllSix, Vote Them Out! No More Monkey Business (and a barrel of monkeys)!

Outraged citizens with great signs! Photo Credit: Aylett Colston

This hastily called special session for 7/24/18 happened because the #NCGA leaderships is trying to take away the job of writing captions that appear before the ballot questions from Constitutional Amendments Publication Commission.

This commission includes two elected officials – Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and Attorney General Josh Stein. The third person on this committee was chosen by the NCGA, Legislative Services Officer Paul Coble. The commission is responsible for writing captions that appear before the ballot questions. The wording of the questions themselves are in the laws.

Meanwhile, a brilliant lawyer friend, Aylett Colston, wrote the following honest captions for the Six Constitutional Amendments that were put on the ballot by the #NCGA at the end of the 2018 short session. Remember to #NixAllSix!

Session law 2018-96: “Give the NCGA the power to decide where and when hunting and fishing is allowed, who gets to do it, and how much it will cost.”

Session law 2018-110: “An unfunded mandate for law enforcement.

Session law 2018-117: “Consolidate the power of the NCGA to control the election process; hobble Board of Elections by increasing likelihood of deadlock.

Session law 2018-118: “Allow the current NCGA to Pack the NC Supreme Court with Judges loyal to them.

Session law 2018-119: “Limit options to raise money for emergencies, infrastructure, education and other needs.

Session law 2018-128: “Give the current NCGA, in its sole discretion, the power to pick and choose who is allowed to vote in 2020.

You can read about the late calling of this power grab session at “Lawmakers will return to write constitutional amendment ballot descriptions,” News and Observer, 7/23/18 and at WRAL in “Editorial: Special session reveals phony motives behind constitutional amendments” WRAL, 7/23/18.

Here is another way to look at the Voter ID laws, and I know the huge harm to women voters was captured in the original studies of voter id laws on registered voters. Another friend posted some honest captions from this prospective
“Silence the Voices of Hard-working Women Amendment?”
Or the “No Votes for Mom” Amendment!

Read more about harm of voter id laws to women at Who does the NC voter ID amendment target? My mother,Charlotte Observer, 7/23/18. And I remember the Southern Coalition for Social Justice (SCSJ) reports on how of all registered voters, NC women voters were disproportionately affected by virtually every part of the state’s 2013 “Election Integrity” law.

“In 2013, Southern Coalition for Social Justice analyzed data from the state board of elections and driver’s licenses. SCSJ found that of the over 318,000 North Carolina voters who lack required ID, 63 percent are women. Looking at the state’s own report on those without ID, SCSJ found that 43 percent of registered women voters without photo ID are women of color. African-American women, who made up just over 23 percent of North Carolina’s registered female voters in 2012, represented 34 percent of women without ID.” According to NC Women Voters Heavily Burdened by New Voting RestrictionsNC Women Voters Heavily Burdened by New Voting Restrictions, SCSJ, 11/8/13.

Also take a look at “The War On Women Voting In North Carolina,” Facing South, 11/8/13.

This ‘special session’ on 7/24/18 is in addition to the lame duck session the #NCGA leadership scheduled for themselves on Nov 27, 2018, which will be after the November election. Read more about the lame duck session, and about the six constitutional amendments in the NC NOW Legislative Short Session Wrap-Up, 2 Jul 18.

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