Media Advisory for #NCGA Stop The Dirty Tricks. #NixAllSix. 8/4/18


CONTACTS (edited):

Gailya Paliga, President of NC National Organization for Women (NC NOW),, (organizer)

Aylett Colston, (organizer)

Raleigh, NC, 8/4/18 – Tell the NCGA to Stop Their Dirty Tricks. #NixAllSix!

WHAT:  Rally encouraging #NCGA Leadership to Stop the Dirty Tricks and Let Vetoes Stand

WHEN: Saturday, Aug 4, at 10:30 am

WHERE: In front of State Legislative Building, 16 W. Jones St, Raleigh NC

WHO: North Carolinians

VISUALS: Diverse crowd, interesting and creative signs, costumes to draw attention to dirty tricks pulled by the #NCGA

Should North Carolinians be tricked into giving the NC General Assembly a “blank check” to do whatever it wants to our state? We say NO!

Citizens are greeting our representatives on Saturday morning, 8/4/18, as they return to Session to override the Governor’s vetoes of their hastily enacted legislation intended to deceive North Carolinians into voting away their rights. The second vetoed bill interferes yet again with the NC Supreme Court race. 

NC’s state legislature – which was elected from unconstitutional racially gerrymandered districts – has mandated that 6 amendments to NC’s state Constitution be on the ballot this November. The legislative leadership controlled the wording of the amendments and called this ‘special session’ with less than 24 hours notice to take over writing the amendment captions, which were a separate commission’s job to write.

Organizer Aylett Colston said, “The NCGA is actively opposing all efforts to let the voters know what they would actually be voting on, including not allowing unique and relevant captions on them.”

McCrory’s former attorney has said that the ballot language for one amendment that looks “innocuous” would actually “cause a seismic shift in power in our state government – one of the biggest shifts since the Civil War and possibly one of the most destructive.”

Attorney General Josh Stein described one of the amendments as “the most radical restructuring of our government in more than 100 years, since the Civil War. It would essentially give the legislature the power to run the executive branch.”

These Amendments would give the NCGA a stranglehold over North Carolina. 

NC NOW President Gailya Paliga said “Lawmakers shouldn’t be cheaters. It’s no fair changing laws mid-campaign to rig the election.”

If the NCGA believes that these Amendments are actually for the greater good of North Carolina, then it should not fear accurately informing voters about the affects these Amendments would have on the future of our state.

Don’t trick voters. Lawmakers should vote“NO” on overriding the vetoes.


Find the MediaAdvisory in pdf form for “NCGA Stop The Dirty Tricks. NixAllSix.” here.


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