Media Advisory: Stop Kavanaugh 2, 9/11/18, in Raleigh

Activists rally again in Raleigh to demand that Senator Thom Tillis reject Supreme Court Justice nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. As was revealed in the hearings last week, Kavanaugh commited perjury in current testimony and in testimony to become a Circuit Court judge in 2006 and 2018!! Also, the Senate Confirmation leadership pushed through the confirmation hearings in terrible circumstances and many valid complaints, like 1) not having access to much of Kavanaugh’s work in the White House under President George W. Bush, 2)  getting access to 42,000 more pages just the night before the hearings began, 3) President being investigated for crimes related to ‘winning’ the presidential election, etc. Last week, we had speakers cover many areas that Kavanaugh threatens, and this week we have more areas to cover.

In addition, we have our own sheroes and heroes who went to the confirmation hearings in Washington DC to protest and got arrested one or more times on our behalf! We will hear some of their exciting stories.

David Freeman and Ruth Zalph after another arrest at the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings in Washington DC!! Photo Credit: David Freeman

Here are some of our speakers:

  • Rebecca Cerese to talk about how Kavanaugh threatens health care and also her experiences protesting the hearings in DC
  • Rev Dr Portia W Rochelle,  President Raleigh-Apex NAACP, about threats to voting and civil rights 
  • Manzoor Cheema of Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia about immigrant rights and the erosion of civil rights.
  • Tara Romano of Naral Pro-Choice North Carolina talking about threats to women (covered other ways last week)
  • Gailya Paliga of NC NOW is talking about the issues with the process of these hearings going ahead
  • Our Tuesdays With Tillis friends who protested in person in DC include David Freeman, Ruth Zalph of the Raging Grannies, Stacie Borrello, Scarlett Wilson and Rebecca Cerese
Scarlett Wilson, Rebecca Cerese, and Stacie Borrello at Senator Thom Tillis’ office in Washington DC. Photo Credit: Stacie Borrello

“Recording our objections to Kavanaugh’s confirmation in our Sen. Thom Tillis’s office. We also went to Richard Burr’s, Heidi Heitkamp’s, Lisa Murkowski’s, Susan Collins’s, & Chuck Grassley’s too, where we talked to staff about #NoSCOTUSforCriminalPOTUS and Defending a woman’s right to choose. #CancelKavanaugh” Stacie posted with this picture.

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