Davis: NC Women are Running and Winning in Record Numbers

Women candidates openly embracing issues of concern to women and their families are running in record numbers across the nation, and male candidates are making intensified efforts to address women’s issues.  North Carolina is reflecting the national trend.

Lori Bunton and others encourage all to vote. At protest of yet another special session on 8/4/18 at NC Legislative Building in Raleigh Photo Credit: Phil Fonville

At the congressional level, the two women incumbents, one Democratic (Alma Adams in CD 12) and one Republican, will be on the November ballot.  And an eye-popping five new women candidates (four Democrats and one Libertarian) won their primary elections for congressional seats and will face incumbents in the fall.  (Linda Coleman in Congressional District (CD) 2, Barbara Howe (Libertarian) in CD 4, DD Adams in CD 5, Dr Kyle Horton in CD 7, Congresswoman  and Kathy Manning in CD 13).
Note: NOW PAC endorses Congressman David Price in CD 4, not the Libertarian woman. See candidates in NC’s 2018 primary and general election at Ballotopedia.

A record number of women ran for the NC state legislature in the 2018 primaries.  In 2014, the last election year without a presidential election, 24 women ran for the state legislature.  This year 119 women ran for the state House and Senate; only 43 were incumbents.  In November, 65 Democratic women will be on the ballot.  The Republican party does not track women candidates. 

Note: All 120 House seats are up for election in 2018. North Carolina state representatives serve two-year terms, with all seats up for election every two years.

Due to the unprecedented focus on women’s issues and women candidates,  the NC NOW Political Action Committee (PAC) has been inundated with requests  for endorsements, and we have been interviewing candidates (women and men) at a frantic pace.

NC NOW is a non-partisan organization, and NOW at the state and national levels can endorse candidates through our political action committees (PACs).  Federal candidates are endorsed by the national NOW PAC, which acts on recommendations from NC NOW.  Candidates for state offices and judges are endorsed by the NC NOW PAC.

NOW members will receive a mailing listing candidates endorsed by NC NOW PAC and by NOW PAC, and the information will also be available online.  Many candidates also list their endorsement in their campaign literature, web pages, and other social media.

Unfortunately, voters may be confused because many of our districts had to be redrawn to correct unconstitutional gerrymandering.  The website for the State Board of Elections can help you locate your precinct number, voting site, sample ballot and more – https://vt.ncsbe.gov/RegLkup/. This website will also help you verify that you are properly registered to vote (better check).

Your vote has never mattered more!

By Robin Davis, NC NOW Vice President of Legislation

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