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Capturing some great posts about the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett #Kavanaugh testifying on Thursday, 9/27/18. Will the Senate Judiciary Committee actually take a vote tomorrow when only one of many accusations will have been heard in any way by the committee, and this one barely explored, not investigated. This is a crazy way to handle these accusations which are part of Kavanaugh’s job interview. As his potential employer, I’d be running like the wind to get away from him. But also, there are 5 major different accusations against Kavanaugh, each of which has other related witnesses. Just talking to the first woman, with no witnesses and no plans to talk to other people, is completely insufficient for any investigation. We need the FBI involved for a real investigation, and so there are consequences to lying.

Would like to mention how beautifully Dr. Ford has been handling it, and how badly Senator Chuck Grassley, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is handling himself. See “People Are Fed Up With Sen. Chuck Grassley Interrupting Women In Senate Hearing,” HuffPost, 9/27/18. The way #Kavanaugh behaved during his time will be the stuff of legends, and some of that behavior is referenced below.


If you don’t believe there’s such a thing as rape culture and that it still prevails in the US, please consider the fact that Mark Judge, who was involved in the sexual assault with Kavanaugh, is allowed to hide away in some luxury beach home during all this, while his victim, Blasey Ford, is forced to publicly relive what is undoubtedly one of the most, if not the most, traumatic events of her life in front of the whole nation in front of a panel of men whose sole goal is attack, degrade, and discredit her.  
– SS, Morrisville, 9/27/18

She has [inspired millions]. I have witnessed more women, for the first time, come out and tell their story or stories. Mostly stories, for it is never just a one time thing, is it? From all out rape, to groping, to assault, to harassment. It is amazing, and empowering. The more we tell it, the more we heal.
-SGP, 9/27/18, Raleigh

What a GOP aide said to a CNN reporter in the hearing this morning, “Kavenaugh had better be as compelling as she (Dr. Ford) is.”

-JTV, 9/27/18, in Pennsylvania

Men: I’m going to have to be afraid every time I’m alone with a woman!

Women: Try carrying your car keys facing out in your hand in the parking garage, and don‘t look at your phone in public because it’ll distract you too much from your surroundings. Also bring a whistle with you wherever you go. Don’t run alone, ever. And don’t dress provocatively, dance without your friends to protect you, talk to strangers in a friendly way, look people in the eye, ask for help, go to the gym by yourself, or consume alcohol with anyone you don’t want to sleep with. And obviously keep your hand over your cocktail so you don’t get drugged, but you knew that one already. Oh, wait, is that not what you’re talking about?
-CDC, 9/21/18, Raleigh

This reality (above) for girls and women is unacceptable and yet has been normalized somehow. How can we do better for our children??
-AHH, 9/25/18, Raleigh

If anyone can show me how Lindsey Graham could be more of a miserable, hateful, misogynist, I would buy you a cup of coffee.

-PW, Raleigh, 9/27/18

Woke up this morning with a sinking feeling in my chest. We are living in some alternate universe – it honestly feels like the very first days of The Handmaids Tale. A slap in the face of every single woman in this country. Any person that has a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister…or views women as fellow human beings should stand up against what is happening in this country right now.

Thank you, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, for your courage. We are all with you this morning.
#KavanaughHearings #KavaNOTagain #IBelieveDrFord #BelieveSurvivors
-CJ, Raleigh, 9/27/18

Holding Dr. Ford in my heart today. Grateful for her bravery. And sending love to all those reexperiencing their own traumas today. #BelieveSurvivors #StopKavanaugh
-BDM, 9/27/18, Durham

Sen. Leahy is very respectful and tells Dr. Ford she has inspired millions.
-PW, 9/27/18, Raleigh


Reminder: today’s hearing is about Kavanaugh supporters questioning Dr. Ford’s memory of her assault when she was 15.
But Kavanaugh barely remembering communications and interactions with his professional colleagues from the 1990’s and 2000’s is no big deal, apparently.
-TR, 9/27/18, at hearing in DC


It is [about the most painful thing I’ve seen in a while]. There’s a special place in hell for [GOP prosecutor] Rachel Mitchell. I don’t know how she can do this.
-BDM, 9/27/18, Durham

After explaining I was attempting to watch the Kavanaugh hearing, I was just told “Go watch something more soothing. You know like a gruesome murder. Err never mind that hearing is showing the murder of our justice system. Or better yet, a basket of puppies.”

-SH, 9/27/18,  New Mexico

Dr Ford deserves the Medal of Honor
-SH, 9/27/18, New Mexico

Brett Kavanaugh’s inner rage is being exposed. An innocent man does not behave like he does, and he will not agree that an FBI Investigation is in order. Why? Because the FBI is good at what they do and he is a guilty man.

As is Lindsey Graham….. and Trump.

And can you imagine if Professor Ford had thrown a hissy fit?

-MMJ, 9/27/18, whereabouts unknown
27 years ago, 1600 black women placed a full-page ad in the NYT in support of Anita Hill. We are right back to where we started. #NeverForget#BlackWomenLead#IBelieveHer#BelieveHerNOW
-KS, 9/27/18, Sacramento CA

I’m not convinced that he is outraged by anything except the fact that his privilege is being challenged.
-PW, 9/27/18, Raleigh

He’s lost his cool. Federal judges shouldn’t lose their cool.
-VVB, 9/27/18, Carrboro

What the second portion of this hearing is REALLY about is HOW MAD these white male GOP Senators are at Senator Dianne Feinstein for being smarter than them while also protecting #DrFord’s choice of confidentiality! #IBelieveChristineBlaseyFord #sexism
-JE, 9/27/18, Hollywood CA

PREDICTION: Lindsey Graham will replace Sessions as AG in 2 months and will fire Mueller thereafter.
-DS, 9/27/18, NC

Um, why is Kavanaugh not being questioned by the sex crimes prosecutor, as his victim was? Wouldn’t the prosecutor be much more qualified than these guys to be able to suss out if this occurred, if he’s lying, if he’s a predator, given her stellar qualifications and years of experience?? This is such a complete farce and sham.
-SS, 9/27/18, Morrisville

Going into this hearing, one thing Kavanaugh had going for him was his reserved demeanor, which was inconsistent with the image of him assaulting someone. When he unleashed an angry, emotional attack, Kavanaugh gave the Senators a glimpse of what he’s like when he’s angry. He is acting like someone who just got caught and dares anyone to come near him. He comes across as unhinged and unprofessional. His demeanor validates Dr. Ford’s accusations. Additionally, he will not take a lie detector test, he doesn’t want Judge his roommate to testify and doesn’t support an FBI investigation. He filibusters and deflects and doesn’t answer the questions, just gets angry!
-MSE, 9/27/18, Charlotte

About Kavanaugh’s job interview today..he has quite a temper..and a giant partisan chip on his shoulder. How can we trust him to judge any cases fairly?
-GGP, 9/27/18, Raleigh


            -BG, 9/27/18, Hillsborough I think

It’s not just a pattern of drunken assault and arrogance.
Keep in mind the Bush years – illegal wars, torture, security state… he was a key operative.
Actually quite a consistent pattern of pathology on many levels.
-MS, 9/27/18, internet


Holy moly. Look at every woman in this photograph. – Steve Silverman

On the topic of determining who’s lying, you look for: who has the most to gain, who has lied before, whose story is actually contradicted by others, and who is acting defensively & using deflection & repeated talking points. The answer is Brett Kavanaugh on all counts.

Kavanaugh was (is?) a heavy drinker & a belligerent drunk (as many classmates have contradicted his “choirboy” image) and it’s more likely than not that he assaulted Dr Ford and (maybe?) doesn’t remember that assault. I am sure Kavanaugh & Mark Judge remember their pattern of behavior. I hope the investigators do their job.
-SB, 9/29/18, Raleigh

No other way to say this: we knew he was a political hack. We knew he liked beer a lot. A lot, a lot. Given the limited evidence Republicans have allowed in this sham of a process, it’s highly, highly likely he sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl. That’s for starters. An FBI investigation would have been a start. But it’s too late.

In just this one clip, he’s revealed himself as mean, intemperate, nasty little prick. Who will have a lifetime appointment on the highest court.
-CW, 9/28/18, Raleigh

Brett Kavanaugh is a petty, mean man who showed his true colors yesterday. If he had any respect for the institution he wants to join, he would acknowledge the damage his appointment would do to that institution. He would demand that they delay the Senate vote so a proper investigation could be done or, better yet, withdraw to save the integrity of the Court. Kavanaugh made plain that he lacks the temperament to serve on any court, let alone the Supreme Court. We can, we must do better than this. #believewomen #believesurvivors
-SP, 9/28/18, Chapel Hill

2 thoughts on “Insightful #BelieveWomen Posts on Social Media

    1. There were protests called last Friday for last Friday. Sometimes people have plans for the day and don’t always see or have time to advertise things that just pop up. On the other hand, we do know about protesting #Kavanaugh in front of Senator Thom Tillis’ office on Tuesday, 10/2/18, at 11:30am-12:30pm. 310 New Bern Ave.

      Come out to Halifax Mall in Raleigh to protest on Thursday, 10/4/18, at 6pm-7pm.

      Come out to Fayetteville on Friday, 10/5/18, at 6pm-7pm.

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