NOW PAC Endorses 7 NC Congressional Candidates in 2018

NC NOW is excited to report that the (national) NOW PAC has accepted the recommendations from NC NOW for the following new Congressional candidates in 2018: Linda Coleman (CD 2), DD Adams (CD 5), Dr. Kyle Horton (CD 7), Philip Price (CD 11) and Kathy Manning (CD 13). (CD = Congressional District)

Linda Coleman and Dr. Kyle Horton were endorsed for the 2018 Primary.

NOW PAC already endorsed the following incumbents: Congressman David Price (CD 4) and Congresswoman Alma Adams (CD 12).

That means that NOW PAC endorses 7 Congressional candidates in NC, which is a record.

Here are a few points from the recommendation letters.

DD Adams for Congressional District 5

DD Adams: “Ms. Adams is a nine-year member of Winston-Salem City Council, active with numerous non-profits in her community and former Teamster. In office and out, she has fought to move all city employees to a $15 minimum wage, eliminate the food deserts, and implement community policing. She was on the advisory council of Planned Parenthood in the past. She has been involved politically for more than 35 years. When interviewed in early August, Adams had 500 plus volunteers already engaged, including lots of young women. One of her main messages is for intentional diversity and inclusion. She mentioned being proud of the work she did to ensure partner benefits for city employees.”

Kathy Manning: “Her knowledge and connections and visibility make her a great candidate. Ms. Manning is knowledgeable and articulate on women’s issues. She answered our interview questions strongly and with conviction. “

Linda Coleman: “Linda Coleman is well known to North Carolina NOW. Our PAC endorsed her when she was a state senator and also endorsed her statewide races for Lieutenant Governor. In the past she has also won support from Emily’s List, labor, LGBTQ advocacy groups (both state and national) and pro-choice groups. We touched base with her recently just to affirm that she continues to hold the positions she has long held.”

Dr. Kyle Horton: “Dr. Kyle Horton is an internal medicine doctor with a business degree who is serious about bringing change for eastern North Carolina. Dr. Horton shut down her practice in internal medicine to focus all of her attention on this Congressional race and new responsibilities. The incumbent is U.S. Rep. David Rouzer (R-NC), who votes with President Trump 91.3% of the time. The district covers 9 counties with mostly rural voters and not enough jobs.”

Congresswoman Alma Adams and Congressman David Price have consistently supported women’s issues over their long careers, and continue to do so. For Congresswoman Adams, education and women’s rights aren’t political issues, they are personal issues that have shaped who she is today and how she represents the people she serves. Congressman Price has been for decades a strong supporter of reproductive rights, public education, accessible health care, affordable housing, clean air and water, and improved transportation alternatives. . 

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