Women’s Rights and ERA Leader Keynotes in Winston-Salem on 10/6/18

Women’s rights leader and attorney Carol Robles-Roman was the keynote speaker for the ERA-NC Alliance meeting in Winston-Salem on Oct 6, 2018. Robles-Roman is Co-President and CEO of the ERA Coalition and the Fund for Women’s Equality. She has led Legal Momentum as its President and CEO. During Carol’s tenure, Legal Momentum has worked as a Lead Organization with the ERA Coalition on advocacy for an equal rights amendment to the United States Constitution, and she co-chaired its Legal Task Force. She has extensive experience in judicial selection and vetting.

NC NOW President Gailya Paliga, ERA Coalition Co-President Carol Robles-Roman and NC NOW VP of Membership Lori Bunton. Photo Credit: Lori Bunton

Oct 6 was hard day to be cheerleading for Women’s Rights due to the unfair partisan confirmation of the extremely unfit candidate for the Supreme Court of the United States, Brett Kavanaugh.

Here are some of Robles-Roman’s comments:

  • For the first time in a loooong time, I have not been asked “why do we need an equal rights amendment”? or “does sex discrimination really still exist in this country?’” Because the last few months has showed us that the scourge of sex discrimination DOES still exist, and our very govt is at the helm.
  • So, without dwelling on the negative, and to keep today positive and forward thinking, in spite of the upheaval in DC the week, I say this –
    With the likely passage of Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court Justice, there are millions of women who now know–again– that the systems in our country do not represent, OR defend them.
  • That is why the next battle must be the one to amend the Constitution, Like my sign says, “Put women in the Constitution”. The Supreme Court and all justices in this country need a document that is fair, inclusive, & recognizes that the rights of women must be on an equal footing with the rights of men.
  • We have concerns about Kavanuagh’s judicial temperament, about his interpretation of the law when it involves civil rights. We also know that we are a broken society, with rampant sexual abuse of women in this country.
  • But more fundamentally, this process has unleashed the determination of women and men of the United States that must be directed toward fixing the very document that determines how we live.
  • The ERA Coalition is here to lead the fight for equality. It is time for all women and good men to join us.
Pictured: ERA-NC Alliance Co-Chair, ERA Coalition Co-President Carol Robles Roman and Lawyer Danielle Williams. Taken by Carol Robles-Roman.

“To be equal in the U.S. Constitution may be the oldest #MeToo Movement, and the ERA Coalition aims to get us there. Carol Robles-Román is a national leader with the vision and experience to explode the myth of equality, and make it a Constitutional reality at last,” said ERA Coalition Board member Gloria Steinem. This quote came from the press release for when Robles-Roman accepted her new ERA CEO position.

NC NOW members from mostly Charlotte NOW. Photo Credit: Jillian Riley

Refinery 29 had  interviewed Robles-Roman in September and asked, what happens if Kavanagh Gets Confirmed Anyway? 
“Robles-Román says that if Kavanaugh gets confirmed — that we’ll have two alleged sexual abusers sitting on the Supreme Court, the first being Clarence Thomas — all the “boys will be boys” comments will become an even more unavoidable part of the conversation in this country.

“That means that’s going to be the term of the day, like ‘locker-room talk,'” she says, referring to how Donald Trump excused his comments in 2016. “‘Boys will be boys’ — I can just hear that. Women will hear that in college Title IX offices.” That conversation has the ability to drive policy, she says. (Refinery 29)

Republicans are doing everything to make this look like a politically motivated smear, despite the fact that no one publicly documents their sexual assault for fun or fame, and very few sexual assault accusations end up false. Still, around 30% of voters believe Brett Kavanaugh’s denials over Dr. Ford’s account of attempted rape, and 34% of others are undecided (36% say they believe Dr. Ford).

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