“I Believe Her” Rally with Fayetteville NOW on 10/5/18 – Report

Women and allies gathered Friday at the Market House in downtown Fayetteville at the “I Believe Her” rally to reaffirm that we #BelieveWomen, #WeBelieveChristineBlaseyFord, #WeBelieveAnitaHill, and to #StopKavanaugh. This rally was organized by Fayetteville NOW.

“The event was held in response to the hearings on Capitol Hill for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the testimony presented by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused him of sexually assaulting her when they were in high school.” 

#BelieveWomen rally at the Market House in Fayetteville. Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga

Women and allies around the state and the country organized rallies in support of Dr. Christine Ford and the many assault victims who finally were able to tell their stories, whether publicly or privately, in response to the public grilling of Dr. Ford, and the many threats to Dr. Ford and her family.

“It’s just awfully frustrating to see Dr. Ford present herself with courage in spite of all the odds. With all the attacks on her family and everything, she came forward,” Fayetteville NOW President, Sharon Johnson, said.

Fayetteville NOW President Sharon Johnson Photo Credit: Jenn Alexander

Debbie Liebers led chants in between speakers and kept everything going. Many Fayetteville NOW members were there, as well as many women new to the movement. 

Many speakers emphasized the need for women to speak out against sexual assault and to not be afraid to tell their stories, no matter how painful. The need to have more women and more diversity in office was another theme.

View of speakers from the back Photo Credit: Jenn Alexander

NC NOW President Gailya Paliga spoke about how many times this confirmation should have been stopped or slowed down, whether by Senators or by an ethical judicial candidate.

See also “Fayetteville NOW rallies support for Ford, solidarity for women,” 10/5/18, Fayetteville Observer

Protesters rally in Fayetteville against Kavanaugh nomination,” 10/5/18, Spectrum News

This event had been publicized online and in the Fayetteville Observer on 10/3/18 in “Myron B. Pitts: Protesters will rally for Ford, accuser in Kavanaugh confirmation, and victims of sexual assault.” Mr. Pitts quoted Sharon Johnson as saying “Friday’s protest would not just be about Ford but for all victims of sexual assault.”

“We wanted to have an outlet for our supporters here,” Ms. Johnson is quoted as saying. “We wanted to stand in solidarity not just with Dr. Ford, let’s remember Anita Hill, too.”

Photo Credit: Jenn Alexander


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