What’s Next With Constitutional Amendments in NC (2018)?

Four of the six constitutional amendments passed in the 2018 midterm elections in North Carolina (11/6/18). Thank goodness, the two explicit power-grabbing amendments failed. As you may remember, NC NOW could not endorse any of the amendments since they were basically blank checks for the legislature to implement whatever they want, and also because they were passed with no public input or expert testimony. We had a statement to this effect on our endorsement flier, also found here at the bottom of the yellow page

The NC legislature convenes a special session on Tuesday, Nov 27, 2018, to implement the constitutional amendments like voter id in the last few weeks of the Republican supermajority.

As NC Policy Watch wrote in “NC voters pass 4 constitutional amendments; lame-duck session looming,” 11/7/18, NC Policy Watch,

“North Carolina voters wrote four blank checks [on 11/6/18] to GOP lawmakers who already said they plan to hold a lame-duck legislative session to implement constitutional amendments.”

Photo Credit: Jacalyn Engler

These are some things we can do to try to block some of the damage.

We have 3 weeks to try to mitigate the damage the NCGA will do, including the Thanksgiving holiday.

  1. Tell the NCGA what we want – give them better ideas directly. 
  2. Get your better ideas into the public forum – share your ideas about what would make these amendments reasonable and useful – social media posts, letters to the editor (LTEs), public panels, presentations at meetings.
  3. Encourage citizens to be at the NCGA on Nov 27, to show opposition, encourage the NCGA to do the right things (as if they would), and shine light onto what they are doing.
  4. Even though it’s late (too late to stop these amendments, which already passed) – we want people to know about what is going on with the constitutional amendments. 
  5. Find and share other great ideas online – we have a link to great ideas from StrongerNC on making a decent voter id amendment at “Voting and Photo ID: What Happens Next?” 11/8/18.  Also, NC Policy Watch has great ideas, watch them.
  6. As StrongerNC wrote,
    “with the passage of the PhotoID Constitutional Amendment on 11/6/18, NC voters will now be required to provide a PhotoID when they vote. We need your help to let lawmakers know we will not tolerate a repeat of the 2013 ID law, which was struck down in 2016 by a Federal court and which discriminated against students, people with low incomes, and African-Americans especially.”

It is sad and scary that (as NC Policy Watch stated),

“[t]hose same lawmakers who lost their grip on their veto-proof supermajority are the ones who get to decide the future of voting in North Carolina after voters passed an amendment requiring a photo identification to cast a ballot. [People] voted for [the voter id] amendment (55.51 percent to 44.49 percent) without a clue about what kind of photo ID lawmakers would require in a future election.”

We have 3 weeks to tell them what we want, and to write letters to the editor, etc, to get better ideas in the public forum. Also, we want to encourage citizens to be at the NCGA on Nov 27, to show opposition, encourage the NCGA to do the right things (as if they would), and shine light onto what they are doing.

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