Articles of Interest – 12/17/18

So many great articles are published all of the time. These articles were included in online email on 12/17/18. They include one written on the need for Medicaid expansion to help military families and opioid victims, written by a member of Fayetteville NOW <3.

Tuesdays With Tillis Rally on Medicaid/Medicare and Social Security anniversaries Photo Credit: Michael Eisenberg

1. The first was written by Fayetteville NOW member Jenn Alexander!
Expand Medicaid for military families and the opioid epidemic,” 12/13/18, NC Policy Watch

2. “Women bear the brunt of the costs, both financial and emotional, when their loved ones are incarcerated. According to a recent study by the Ella Baker Foundation for Human Rights, in 63% of cases, family members on the outside are primarily responsible for court-related costs associated with conviction, and of the family members primarily responsible for these costs, 83% are women. This is especially problematic for black women, since their family members are five times more likely to be incarcerated than their white counterparts.”
On the Outside of Incarceration: The Need for the ERA,” 11/30/18, Women’s Enews.

3. “Avoiding Women At Work Is A Childish, Cowardly Response To Me Too,” 12/9/18, Huffington Post

4. “One Texas judge says the ACA is unconstitutional: What you need to know,” 12/17/18, NC Policy Watch

5. “NOW Members Urged To Take Action – Justice For Cyntoia Brown,” 12/17/18,

“Republicans typically warn of the dangers of voter fraud, i.e., somebody showing up at the polling place, misrepresenting themselves, and voting despite not being who they say they are. North Carolina officials are investigating election fraud, an entire coordinated operation to tamper with and possibly destroy ballots. That might sound like a narrow semantic debate, but the difference is fundamental. In the first case, the voter commits the fraud. But in the second, it’s the voters who get defrauded.”
There’s election fraud in North Carolina. That’s not the same thing as voter fraud.” 12/11/18,

6. “6 years after Sandy Hook, Raleigh students remember tragedy — and earn honors — with play,” 12/14/18, News & Observer

7. “What’s in the water?” 12/17/18, NC Policy Watch, “High Levels of Bacteria Found in Duplin County Watershed.”

8. “How Nancy Pelosi turned the condescending ‘feisty grandma’ meme into a political weapon,” 12/12/18, Washington Post

Plus, with a picture, we had the following.

9. “[Senator] Tim Scott [R-South Carolina] killed Trump’s judicial nominee over voter suppression. It shouldn’t have been that close a call. But Thomas Farr’s history of supporting efforts to stop African Americans from voting underlines a trend in the GOP.” – NBCNews, 11/30/18

Tuesdays With Tillis Rally on 11/20/18 about rejecting extreme candidate lawyer Thomas Farr for Eastern Federal Court position. Photo Credit: Michael Eisenberg

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