Women and Allies Show Strength Again at Raleigh Women’s March on 1/26/19!

Thousands of marchers surrounded the NC Legislative Building while more waited and watched at Halifax Mall for the 2019 Raleigh Women’s March on Saturday, January 26, 2019. This is the third time women and allies showed up in the thousands in Raleigh to tell the world and the legislature that they are still fighting for change! Women organized women’s marches and rallies in at least 6 cities in January 2019. Here is a summary of the Raleigh event with theme, march, speakers, performers, signs.

Women and allies surround Legislative Building in Raleigh. Photo Credit: Jason Noble

Theme: Volunteers chose “Women United For Justice” because they want to work together for a more fair and reasonable state and country. This theme was chosen at two planning meetings in December. A march and rally were both scheduled, unlike 2018 when Raleigh had rally only.

Women and allies are not stopping at the marches. The marches provide a foundation for our activism in the years to come. We will continue to speak truth to power. We will continue to emphasize intersectionality, ensuring that none of our sisters are left behind.

March: People gathered at the front of the Legislative Building at 16 W. Jones St at 12:30pm. The permit had marchers stepping off at 1pm around the Legislative Building on the sidewalks (once or twice), then back to the front of the building, from where they could go close around the building to get to the Pedestrian Bridge that crosses to Halifax Mall.

Marchers filled the area – marching on the sidewalks around the Legislative Building, around Halifax mall, and over pedestrian bridge. Photo Credit: Bob Karp

There were so many women and allies all around the Legislative Building that there was confusion over where people were going, and some police officers routed people over the bridge without marching. Marshalls had chant sheets, and at least one head of the march had a loudspeaker, but people ended up going to the mall many different ways – some across the bridge, some from the Legislative Building side, and some went around Halifax Mall on the sidewalks, and entered Halifax at different points.

We could do a collage with just Ruth Bader Ginsburg signs! Photo Credit: Jacalyn Engler










On the sidewalks (as on permit).

Sidewalk. Photo Credit: Jacalyn Engler







Photo Credit: Jacalyn Engler






Speakers and performers: The Raleigh Women’s March scheduled 17 speakers and 7 performances in two hours, from 1:45pm to 3:45pm.

Here is a copy of the program with community partners on the back.

Our co-emcees were Ashley Popio and Mandy Carter. We had co-emcees for Facebook Live as well. They interviewed speakers and performers when they got off the stage. See pictures and some biographies of emcees and speakers on the Raleigh Women’s March page.

You can watch the over 2 hour long rally event with a direct view of the stage from ABC-11 at https://www.facebook.com/ABC11/videos/224728228471941/

Watch footage of the march and the rally with WRAL at https://www.wral.com/news/video/18149663/.

Co-emcees Ashley Popio and Mandy Carter on stage. Photo credit: Gailya Paliga

Plus we had co-emcees dedicated to facebook live. 

Mother/daughter team Mikisa and Takiyah Thompson. Photo Credit: Mikisa Thompson









Signs and pictures:
 So many glorious signs were on display! Plus, here are links to signs and people pictures from professionals who volunteered.

WRAL – https://www.wral.com/raleigh-women-s-march/18149761/

Video and Photos by Susu – on Raleigh Women’s March page at https://www.raleighwomensmarch.org/gallery—photos-by-susu-hauser.html

Photos by Bob Karp – on Raleigh Women’s March page at https://www.raleighwomensmarch.org/gallery—photos-by-bob-karp.html

My new favorite sign! Photo Credit: Jerry Oliver








Photos by Jerry Oliver -on Raleigh Women’s March page at https://www.raleighwomensmarch.org/gallery—photos-by-jerry-oliver.html

Here are some of our pictures.

About noon – group of young women parked together, on way to the march. Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga



Late in the rally, posing near the stage. Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga




Mid rally – our own Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga
Photo Credit: Jacalyn Engler


Photo Credit: Jacalyn Engler


















Table for helping organizations set up tables (help available until 12:30pm). Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga

Volunteers: We couldn’t do anything without our volunteers.

Volunteer organizers doing press conference at Wicked Witch in Raleigh, 1/23/19. Photo Credit: Shana Becker











Community Partners: This year as in years past, one of the goals was connecting people to organizations doing the work we need. 42 organizations had tables set up on one side of Halifax Mall, and over 50 community partners signed up to show support for this event.

Program and website: Special thanks to Penney De Pas for making the program and the website!

Media Coverage: See media coverage of Raleigh Women’s March at https://www.raleighwomensmarch.org/press-and-media.html. One of my favorite articles is “Women, men, march in Raleigh to show they’re not backing down,” 1/26/19, News and Observer. 

“While the parade of families, college students and activists, colorful signs celebrating women, and dogs dressed in protest T-shirts and sandwich signs lightened the mood, those who came to march said they are determined.”

And we are!

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