Fayetteville NOW’s 20th SBA Event Honors Police Chief Gina Hawkins, 3/12/19

The Fayetteville Chapter of NOW invites you to the 20th annual Susan B. Anthony Birthday Celebration. This year, Fayetteville NOW members are honoring Fayetteville Police Chief GINA HAWKINS. The event is Tuesday, March 12, 2019, in Fayetteville. Please register in advance using SBA Event Registration Form.

Fayetteville Police Chief Gina Hawkins, formal picture

Chief Hawkins was hired in 2017 is the first woman and first minority to serve in the permanent position of police chief for Fayetteville.  When she was hired in June of 2017, Fayetteville Observer wrote, “Hawkins has developed a reputation as a no-nonsense cop during her 28 years in law enforcement. She said she sees that as holding people accountable, upholding standards and keeping things on track.” 

“As a deputy chief with the Clayton County police force, she has overseen the field operations and support services commands for the county of roughly 278,000 people.”

According to WRAL, Hawkins said she was well aware is well aware of the local history of tension between police and community. Read more about Chief Hawkins in “Incoming Fayetteville chief shares color of her personality, family, policing philosophy,” 7/7/17, WRAL.

Hawkins became one of four women of color who are top cops in North Carolina cities in 2017. 

Registration includes food. Use the SBA Event Registration Form to register.

Shortlink: https://wp.me/p22b2e-1Wt

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