At least 6 Women’s March Events in NC in 2019

2019 Women’s march events were organized in Asheville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Wilmington, Black Mountain and Albamarle. Themes and dates varied but interest and excitement stayed high! One was organized by middle school girls! A little about each of them here.

Women and allies surround the NC Legislative Building gathering for the Raleigh Women’s March. Photo Credit: Jason Noble

First was “Stanly County Women’s March “Working Together is Success” on Jan. 12 in Albamarle. About 150 strong gathered at the Courthouse–all ages, all races, all genders, with positive visions. This was their first women’s march, inspired by those in Raleigh and Charlotte (according to the article).

Photo Credit: Stronger NC


See “More than 150 people came out for inaugural Stanly County Women’s March, ” Stanly News and Press, 1/13/19

The second was “Black Mountain Women’s March” in Black Mountain on 1/19/19 at 10am, in the Town Square. Great attendance, but the coolest thing here is it was organized by a group of middle school girls!

Photo Credit: Donna Mason Grey

Roberta Madden from ERA-NC Alliance and RatifyERANC spoke here.

Video of the Black Mountain Women’s March HERE.

Third, Asheville’s, was on Sunday, 1/20/19. Asheville’s theme was “We Believe Survivors!” Triad NOW organized a trip to this one as they did their women’s march “to the polls” at in October of 2018. See “Asheville’s 2019 Women’s March draws thousands despite bitter cold,” 1/20/19, Citizen-Times.

The other three were all held on Jan. 26, 2019. The Charlotte Women’s March was at 11am-3pm, and their theme was “Women United.”

Wilmington held their Anniversary Women’s March the same day, 11:30am to 5pm. They included speakers, poets and musicians and went the longest. Theirs included an after-party that went until 7pm.

Photo Credit: Women Organizing For Wilmington

“Hundreds rally for Wilmington Women’s March” at channel WECT – Says theme is “Community among all women.”

“Community joins in third annual Women’s March on Wilmington” at WWAYTV 3 –

Photos at

Raleigh’s was 1-4. Theme was “Women United for Justice.” The march started around the Legislative Building and moved to Halifax Mall. Raleigh NOW helped organize.

An article with links to the known events from December of 2018 is at 2019 Women’s Marches in NC. See also 2019 Raleigh Women’s March Speakers and Quotes.


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